Only one-in-five Brits support pro-Palestine protest on Armistice Day, new poll reveals

Pro-Palestinian protesters march through central London to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protesters march through central London to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 04/11/2023

- 08:50

Pro-Palestine protesters will descend on the capital today amid growing calls for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Only one-in-five Brits support plans to allow the Million March for Palestine event in London during Remembrance Day weekend, a new opinion poll has revealed.

The People Polling survey for GB News found 43 per cent “oppose” the planned pro-Palestine march.

Thirty-eight per cent “don’t know” what their position is and only 20 per cent support it.

Opposition jumps to 63 per cent among Brexit voters, 70 per cent among pensioners, and 73 per cent among Conservatives.

WATCH NOW: Footage of a pro-Palestine protest climbing on David Lloyd George's statue

The poll found 18-24s are most supportive of the march, with 39 per cent supporting the march going ahead.

Commenting on the findings, People Polling co-founder Professor Matthew Goodwin said: “Only one-in-five people support the plan to carry out a pro-Palestine march on Remembrance Day weekend while more than twice as many people, 43 per cent, are openly opposed to this happening.

"More importantly, for Rishi Sunak, his own voters are far more opposed to the march happening, with nearly three-quarters of Conservative voters opposing the planned march, alongside a large majority of pensioners who are more strongly connected to the Second World War.

“We find a very pronounced generational divide here: while 39 per cent of 18-24 year olds from Generation Z support the march taking place and only 19 per cent are opposed, among pensioners only 10 per cent support the march while 70 per cent are opposed.”

 Matt Goodwin

Matthew Godwin appearing on GB News


When asked whether the march should be "banned" or "allowed to go ahead", only 18 per cent said it should be allowed to go ahead.

Almost half the country, 48 per cent, argued it should be banned.

The remainder, 34 per cent, said they don’t know. Support for banning the march altogether climbs to 60 per cent among 50-64 year olds, 72 per cent among pensioners, 57 per cent among the skilled working-class, 76 per cent among Conservatives and 71 per cent among Brexit voters but falls to just 28 per cent among Labour voters and 35 per cent among Remainers.

The poll indicates that British people are evenly divided as to whether the pro-Palestine marches and protests that have been taking place in recent weeks represent "a threat to Britain’s values and way of life".

\u200bPro-Palestine protests

Pro-Palestine protests


While 33 per cent think they do, 33 per cent think they do not, and a further 34 per cent say they don’t know.

When it comes to public safety, only 30 per cent of people have a great deal or some confidence in the police to manage the pro-Palestine marches and protests taking place across the country.

Forty four percent say they have not much or no confidence at all.

Goodwin said: “We do not find much public confidence in the police managing the unfolding protests.

"Not even one in three voters express confidence. Interestingly, public confidence is higher in London (43 per cent) than areas like the Midlands (25 per cent) or Scotland (30 per cent).

A group of protesters take part in a pro-Palestine demonstration in London

A group of protesters take part in a pro-Palestine demonstration in London


"Either way, the fact that a plurality do not express confidence in the police should ring alarm bells."

Meanwhile the poll also delivered another blow to Rishi Sunak.

Sir Keir Starmer and Labour maintain a strong lead with Labour on 45 per cent and the Tories on 21 per cent and Reform on 10 per cent.

“Despite Labour tensions over Israel-Gaza, the party retains a strong lead and is still destined for a majority if these numbers remain stable,” Goodwin said.

“Rishi Sunak is still only attracting a little over half of Boris Johnson’s voters while Reform is now picking off close to one in five disillusioned 2019 Tories”.

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