Ofcom has threatened to punish GB News for 'serious bias'. Here's what the audience thought...

Ofcom has threatened to punish GB News for 'serious bias'. Here's what the audience thought...

WATCH: People's Forum audience react after taking part in the show

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 22/05/2024

- 12:27

Updated: 22/05/2024

- 12:58

GB News hit back against Ofcom's ruling that the GB News People's Forum with the Prime Minister in February breached rules

After Ofcom warned GB News could face a sanction following its decision the People's Forum programme broke impartiality rules, we want to know what you think.

GB News has hit back at Ofcom pointing out the live programme gave an independently selected group of undecided voters the freedom to challenge the Prime Minister without interference.

The media watchdog said it found an "appropriately wide range of significant viewpoints was not presented and given due weight in this case", ruling Rishi Sunak "had a mostly uncontested platform to promote the policies and performance of his Government in a period preceding a UK General Election".

What do you think? In our video above we show you the audience reaction after they grilled Rishi Sunak. You can also watch the full People's Forum episode here. Have your say in the comments section below.

After the live event, audience members were asked what they thought of Mr Sunak's answers in the forum.

One said: "I've not changed my mind. I'm still very undecided. I wasn't very impressed with the answers that were coming back."

Another replied: "I haven't decided yet."

People's Forum audience members and Rishi Sunak in GB News' People's Forum: The Prime Minister programme in February

GB News asked the independently selected audience about their thoughts after the programme aired


"I haven't [decided]. I'm still very undecided," said a third.

Another told GB News: "I probably won't vote Conservative. I'm more likely to vote Reform after that performance."

Asked which party they thought they would vote for, one said: "I'm undecided. I'm still undecided."

Another audience member said: "I'm undecided. I think he's lost if I'm totally honest. He's trying his best but I don't think the Conservatives can win at the next election."

The 15 questions from the audience had not been seen by GB News or the Prime Minister beforehand.


Among many other challenges, the Prime Minister was criticised over "chronic underfunding" of social care, the housing shortage, and the likely failure of his government's Rwanda plan.

Ofcom said there wasn't an issue with the programme's format in principle, but ruled an "appropriately wide range of significant viewpoints was not presented".

The regulator said on Monday: "GB News failed to preserve due impartiality.

"Our decision is that this breach was serious and repeated. We will therefore consider this breach for the imposition of a statutory sanction."

A GB News spokesperson said: "Ofcom’s finding against GB News today is an alarming development in its attempt to silence us by standing in the way of a forum that allows the public to question politicians directly.

"The regulator’s threat to punish a news organisation with sanctions for enabling people to challenge their own prime minister strikes at the heart of democracy at a time when it could not be more vital.

"GB News is the People’s Channel. That is why we created a new broadcasting format, The People’s Forum, which placed the public - not journalists - firmly in charge of questioning Rishi Sunak."


People's Forum audience members are asked for their reaction after GB News' People's Forum: The Prime Minister

GB News is hitting back against Ofcom's ruling over the People's Forum programme in February


The spokesperson added: "We cannot fathom how Ofcom can claim this programme lacked the 'appropriately wide range of significant views' required to uphold due impartiality. It did not.

"We maintain that the programme was in line with the Broadcasting Code.

"Ofcom is obliged by law to uphold freedom of speech and not to interfere with the right of all news organisations to make their own editorial decisions within the law.

GB News, which has been targeted by a far-left advertising boycott since before it even launched, recently announced a membership scheme to allow viewers who want to support the channel to do so directly.


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