HMRC civil servants held 'reflection sessions' marking George Floyd’s death and wrote letters complaining about microaggressions to bosses

Black Lives Matter flag
Black Lives Matter has come under fire after refusing to support Israel in the war launched by Hamas
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Steven Edginton

By Steven Edginton

Published: 12/06/2024

- 17:32

Civil servants in HMRC spent an hour last month discussing the death of George Floyd in which they complained about alleged racism

A civil servant told colleagues she cried at every meeting she attended following George Floyd’s death, and described the moment as “the toughest week of my 35 years in the civil service”, GB News can reveal.

On 22 May HMRC civil servants held a “reflection session” commemorating the death of George Floyd in which one official said she “found the silence [on Mr Floyd’s death] deafening from senior leaders in our organisation”

The civil servant, who co-chairs the HMRC Race Network, continued: “So I decided to pen an open letter to the SLT [Senior Leadership Team] in the business group and the directorate that I worked in at that time.”

“And in my letter I explained that I'd experienced the toughest week of my 35 years in the civil service, crying at every meeting that I'd attended and the reason for that was the killing of Mr. Floyd.”

Black Lives Matter flagBlack Lives Matter has come under fire after refusing to support Israel in the war launched by HamasKrisztian Elek/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The official said she later became the “race lead” in HMRC for the Manchester region following the BLM protests.

In this role the civil servant said she “celebrated Black History Month for the very first time in that region, something that hadn't been done before by my predecessor to raise awareness” and invited her cousin, a “professor of race and decolonisation to deliver a keynote address during those events”.

Discussing her letter to senior officials, she said: “I also shared in my letter that the impact of microaggressions and poor behaviours which I personally had compartmentalised throughout my career and life, had been unearthed but not in a safe and consented way.”

Harrison Pitt, a senior editor at The European Conservative and a political commentator at the New Culture Forum, told GB News: “Such revelations go to show that Britain’s civil service is crammed not only with race-obsessed ideologues.

HMRC sign on wallThe tax allowance is designed by HMRC to help people boost income PA

“Why anyone within the civil service should care more about radically contentious readings of a death that took place in Minneapolis as long ago as 2020 than they do about fulfilling their duties to the British people who pay their salaries is a disgrace that calls for immediate rectification.”

The civil servant made the comments during an hour-long meeting with senior figures from HMRC in which attendees discussed diversity, equality and inclusion, as well as where they were when George Floyd died.

The tax official said she urged her department’s “race champion”, that is a civil servant who focuses on promoting race ideology in Whitehall, “to take action and use her platform to speak out to create an anti racist culture because silence is not an effective option”.

Fraser Myers, Deputy Editor of Spiked, said: “Civil servants have become a law unto themselves.”

“Their job is to implement the policies of the elected government without bias, but too many seem intent on pursuing their own woke agenda and rewiring the machinery of government in line with their own obsessions, especially when it comes to gender and race.”

“I have lost count of the amount of times the Conservatives have promised to get a grip on woke in the civil service.”

“Rishi Sunak even appointed a ‘minister for common sense’ for precisely this task. It is now abundantly clear the Tories have been fiddling while Whitehall burns.”

Mr Floyd’s death in the summer of 2020 sparked riots and protests around the world from those who believed he died due to his race.

The riots led to mass destruction, looting and even several murders across the United States.

During the call an HMRC director said awareness of the impact of racism and discrimination “was sparked by the tragic murder of George Floyd”.

The senior official continued: “I am very conscious this could be a triggering topic or over a sensitive topic for some colleagues.”

“So if you do become upset or distressed during the call, please do take some time out and do what you need, to work that through.”

An HMRC spokesperson said: "The account put to us grossly misrepresents the context and content of the event, which was focussed on positive contributions and progress, and was not about 'critical race theory'.”

"Like all public authorities, HMRC is legally required in carrying out its functions to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, and foster good relations between staff of all backgrounds. All inclusion activity is subject to the Civil Service Code."

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