Extinction Rebellion financier gives millions in funds to Sadiq Khan's climate network


Hohn has donated millions to an organisation that Khan chairs

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 14/11/2023

- 12:36

Sir Christopher Hohn has donated £46million to C40 Cities Network

A billionaire who has donated heavily to Extinction Rebellion is claimed to have given £46million to a climate network chaired by Sadiq Khan.

Sir Christopher Hohn, 57, has donated more than £670million to climate campaigns within the last decade.

Hohn is a prominent financer who is responsible for The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

He has developed a reputation into ploughing money into organisations that are campaigning for net zero and clean-air schemes.

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The 57-year-old has reportedly donated huge amounts to the C40 Cities Network – a group of cities that is “united in action to confront the climate crisis”.

The group is chaired by Khan and is made up of almost 100 mayors worldwide.

The funding given to C40 makes up 14 per cent of the overall £675million that CIFF have donated to climate related causes since 2013.

CIFF has also donated more than £17million to the Clean Air Fund – the lobby group which claims responsibility for the implementation of Ulez.


The other “strategic funder” of C40 cities, is Michael Bloomberg, a former New York Mayor.

Bloomberg has given $45million (£37million) to C40 cities, the network which he used to be chair of.

The organisation has called for people to reduce their meat consumption, limit their reliance on private cars, and only take one flight every three years.

The details of CIFF’s funding have been revealed in a report on the Clean Air campaign, which The Telegraph states it has seen.

The report’s authors, Together and Climate Debate UK, shed light on billionaires’ funding of climate organisations.

It alleges that “undue proximity between billionaires and the centre of political power” excludes the public from conversations.

A Ulez sign

CIFF have also donated more than £17million to the Clean Air Fund – the lobby group which claims responsibility for the implementation of Ulez


The report says that because many groups are funded by billionaires, there “are no grassroots air pollution campaigns of consequence”.

The report's author Ben Pile said: “Policies such as the Ulez should be driven by the public, not by billionaires whose interests have not been properly explored.”

Both authors said: “The public must be at the centre of political decision-making across all policy domains.

“Though air pollution policies may seem to have been driven by grassroots campaigns and scientific evidence, we have investigated these organisations and found that they are in fact almost exclusively supported by a small number of philanthropic foundations that are active in climate change lobbying, which have made air quality a proxy issue for the same agenda.

“The public has simply not been consulted, much less been free to participate in discussion about or vote on important questions.'

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