Army launches investigation after woke ‘basic d***heads’ social media post

Army launches investigation after woke ‘basic d***heads’ social media post

Former Armed Forces Minister Mark Francois said army recruitment has been "an unmitigated disaster"

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Charlie Peters

By Charlie Peters

Published: 16/02/2024

- 20:31

The Centre for Army Leadership deleted the meme after social media users criticised the post

The British Army has launched an investigation after its leadership think tank uploaded a “crass” photo about ‘woke’ politics.

The Sandhurst-based Centre for Army Leadership (CAL) posted the meme that said, “Everything I don’t like is woke … a guide for basic dickheads”, before deleting it soon after amid a storm of criticism.

The CAL describes itself as the UK’s centre for excellence and the “professional standards authority for army leadership and leader development.”

Britain’s armed forces have come under fire recently for allowing a “woke and extremist culture” to take effect, according to Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

The post on X

The post was quickly deleted


Shapps made the comments after an investigation by the Daily Telegraph revealed that the Ministry of Defence has 93 diversity networks, including 10 for gender issues.

Reacting to the tweet, commentator Gareth Roberts: “Well, this tweet certainly inspires confidence in the Army.”

Philip Ingram, a former senior military intelligence officer, told GB News: “While there is far too much wokery across the Armed Services, it is purely caused through poor leadership.

“For the Centre for Army Leadership to post such a crass photo and then delete it exemplifies that poor leadership.


Soldiers marching

The army has been slammed as being 'woke' recently


"This is not the first time the CAL has done such a thing, no wonder our defences are in such a poor state.”

Former Armed Forces Minister, Mark Francois, told GB News: “What on earth is happening to the British Army?

"This post seems to reflect deep anger within its upper echelons about the effect of woke policies on the Army’s cohesion.

"We have Defence Questions in the Commons on Monday, when this whole sorry issue is bound to crop up.”

An Army Spokesperson told GB News: “A recent post on ‘X’ fell short of the standards set within policy for posting on official channels.

"The post was removed, and an investigation is underway; it would therefore be inappropriate to comment any further.”

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