Tesco shoppers will see new Ikea click-and-collect service at 70 stores across the UK

Tesco Ikea

Tesco and Ikea have partnered up

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 29/11/2023

- 13:33

Updated: 29/11/2023

- 13:46

Tesco and Ikea have partnered up to offer more services to customers

Tesco shoppers will be able to pick up Ikea items in more stores across the UK.

The retail giants have joint forces so customers can get their home items from more than 70 Tesco stores.

This is part of a new service where shoppers can choose to click-and-collect Ikea orders to designated areas in Tesco car parks.

Delivery will be free for orders over £100 and cost £5 if the under is under the fee.


It has expanded a click-and-collect service 


The scheme was first trialled last year in 12 locations across the UK.

These were in Blackburn, Burgess Hill, Cambridge, Dereham, Doncaster, Horwich, Liverpool, Stockport, Peterborough, Basildon, Aylesford and Crawley.

Following its success, it will soon be available in a further 70 locations across the country.

The new locations will provide the service by autumn 2024.

Ikea UK country customer fulfilment manager Jakob Bertilsson said: “This national rollout of mobile pick-up points is an exciting milestone in our partnership with Tesco, which will bring Ikea closer to people across all parts of the UK.

“As customer shopping behaviours change and evolve, we will continue to grow our service offer to make shopping with Ikea more convenient, accessible, and affordable than ever before.”

Ikea and Tesco are both popular retailers in the UK and British shoppers are sure to benefit from the collaboration.

This comes as Tesco has made a number of changes in its stores.


Ikea shoppers will be able to pick up orders from Tesco car parks


The supermarket giant has announced trials of a new type of self-service till.

Dubbed the "magic till", it will automatically know what shoppers are trying to purchase without them having to scan each product.

This will be done by new technology that can detect the items in shopper's baskets when they walk up to the till.

The trial will take place at the Tesco Fulham Reach Express store.

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