Drivers issued urgent warning to 'be proactive' or face enormous car insurance price hikes

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Drivers are constantly encouraged to shop around for their car insurance premiums

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 13/11/2023

- 15:55

Updated: 13/11/2023

- 17:36

Motorists could be faced with average car insurance costs worth almost £1,000

Experts are warning drivers to be aware of common factors that could see hundreds or even thousands of pounds added to their policy price.

While car insurance prices differ between insurers, drivers will be paying large sums of money for cover, potentially paying over the odds for their premium.

Some insurers have average prices of £512, while others have them as high as £924 for a standard policy.

While the average prices may seem expensive, drivers will see prices go through the roof depending on their age and location.

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Inner London drivers can expect to pay an average of £1,503, compared to South Wales, where people would need to spend just £730 for their car insurance.

Similarly, 18-year-olds can expect to see a policy worth £2,995 for their insurance compared to 39-year-olds who will pay just shy of £1,000.

Certain factors can have a dramatic impact on the cost of their car insurance, including penalty points and driving convictions.

Motorists will receive penalty points for breaking the rules of the road, resulting in insurers seeing them as having a higher risk of claiming.

Adam Kent, car insurance expert at Cuvva, spoke to GB News about rising policy prices and how drivers could see their costs rise if they have penalty points on their licence.

He said: “Even during an automatic renewal or rollover of a car insurance policy, it is important to declare any penalty points or changes in your driving record including risk factors, such as motoring convictions, changes in annual mileage and car value.

“During the renewal process, insurers typically ask if there have been any changes to the information provided.

“The insurance company may not automatically review your record, so you should proactively inform them of any relevant updates.

“Some insurers may also use licence checks to verify motoring convictions.”

Drivers also face losing their licence if they rack up too many penalty points, with the guidelines stating that 12 or more endorsements within three years will see someone disqualified.

While this will result in their cost of motoring increasing with new driving tests and licences, their insurance premiums will also rise in price as insurers will view the driver with greater risk.

Different insurers will always have a range of criteria to determine how they charge drivers for their insurance.

Because of this, experts frequently call on motorists to shop around on different insurance sites to get the best price for their needs.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis suggested that drivers could save massively on their car insurance before their renewal.


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Some drivers may be forced to pay almost £3,000 for their car insurance premiums


He states that drivers should get quotes 23 days before their policy runs out to potentially “halve costs”, with those who leave it until the last minute seeing their prices rise further.

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