Motorists urged to get 'cheapest deal' for car insurance amid record-breaking prices

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Car insurance prices continue to rising

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 08/08/2023

- 16:05

Drivers are having to deal with the average cost of annual cover car insurance reaching £776

Over 60 per cent of British drivers said their car insurance policy is more expensive this year even though their circumstances have not changed.

Almost one in three motorists had noticed an increase of over £150 on their premium amid the cost of living crisis.

Drivers are often told to shop around, allowing them to save money by comparing offers from different insurance companies.

Around 74 percent of drivers said they were shopping around more than usual when buying a new car insurance policy, with nine in 10 saying they were using comparison sites.

A learner plate

Learner drivers are still facing high insurance costs


The average cost of car insurance is now £776, with motorists trying to save money where they can.

In the last three months, the price of car insurance has increased by £119 and is now £222 more expensive than prices this time last year.

Some factors can help motorists cut down on their costs including shopping early, improving vehicle security and being mindful of where the car is kept overnight.

Greg Wilson, founder and CEO of Quotezone, said it was concerning to see car insurance prices rising so dramatically.

He added: “The volume of claims is also increasing, partly due to the extreme weather we’ve witnessed over the last 12 months.

“Often there’s very little difference in price between third party cover and fully comprehensive, so if you can, it’s best to safeguard your finances and go fully comprehensive.

“It’s also important to always give accurate information when getting a quote, as any incorrect information can invalidate your policy and leave you unprotected.”

Drivers can save money when shopping ahead and buying their policy as early as possible to lock in the price.

The cost of premiums tends to increase the closer the driver gets to the renewal date, with the “cheapest deal” coming three weeks before the new policy is due to start.

Motorists can also save by paying the entire fee upfront, rather than making monthly payments, with interest building up on the premiums quickly.

Reviewing the policy can also help drivers save by ignoring any unnecessary add-ons like annual mileage, with motorists urged to make sure their annual estimate is accurate.

The shift to people working from home will also have an impact, with big savings being found if a daily commute is no longer part of their routine.


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Drivers may be able to save money by looking over their policy


Adding another driver can also help road users who may be struggling by splitting the cost of the policy with another person, especially if they are an experienced driver with a clean record.

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