Reuben Owen told 'you ruin everything' by ex-girlfriend as pair embroiled in tense Life in the Dales clash

Reuben Owen told 'you ruin everything' by ex-girlfriend as pair embroiled in tense Life in the Dales clash

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 23/05/2024

- 21:58

Updated: 24/05/2024

- 07:50

The youngsters have gone their separate ways since the series was filmed

Former Our Yorkshire Farm star Reuben Owen seemed to have an awkward but jokey spat with ex-girlfriend Sarah Dow in the latest instalment of his solo show, Life in the Dales.

The 20-year-old announced last week that he and Dow had sadly split up but remain close friends, however the series was filmed while the two were still a couple.

It seems cracks in the relationship were beginning to show at the time though as Dow was forced to snap at Owen as he blasted her work.

The latest episode saw Owen preparing to sell one of his beloved tractors, and Dow was on-hand to ensure it looked its best before the auction.

"It makes him happy, so it's good," Dow commented sweetly about her partner as she painted the vehicle.

Talking about his passion for tractors, she went on: "There are worse things to be interested in."

Rueben Owen and Sarah Dow

The couple split up after the series was filmed

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Dow was later scolding her ex after he tried to interfere with her work, joking: "I think it just needs a few finishing touches," before he picked up a paintbrush, ready to start painting over Dow's work.

"No! No, put that down!" Dow yelled, taking the paintbrush off Owen.

She demanded: "You go outside and let me do it before you ruin everything!"

Later though, Owen assured her: "You've done an amazing job. Well done, you did an absolutely brilliant job."

Life in the Dales

Reuben and Sarah had a jokey spat in the latest episode​

Channel 5

Last week, Owen left fans heartbroken when he revealed he and Dow had broken up.

"Me and Sarah were together, we're no longer together but we're still very good friends," he explained during an interview.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV, he continued: "She's kind of gone her own way and is pursuing her own career.

"She does the odd day for us when she's not busy, but no we're not together. We get on very well and we're still good pals."

Sarah Dow

Rueben and childhood sweetheart Sarah had been dating in the series

Channel 5

Fans have been getting to know more about the young farmer and his childhood sweetheart, so have been devastated by news of their split.

Owen made a name for himself when his family starred in Our Yorkshire Farm, with parents Amanda and Clive at the helm as they documented their life and work on Ravenseat Farm.

The series ran between 2016 and 2022, when the Owens announced their split.

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