Ralf Little speaks out on calls for a first female BBC Death in Paradise detective as he hints at replacement

Ralf Little speaks out on calls for a first female BBC Death in Paradise detective as he hints at replacement

Ralf Little addresses his departure from Death in Paradise

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 27/03/2024

- 10:28

The Death in Paradise star said goodbye during the series 13 finale on Sunday

Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little has opened up on what he thinks is to come for the BBC series and teased what qualities his new replacement will need to fulfill.

Little starred as DI Neville Parker who arrived on the island of Saint Marie back in 2020 and took on the role of the lead detective – solving the never-ending mysteries that the island threw at the team.

During Sunday night’s episode, Neville chased after Florence Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) to give their relationship a go, despite earlier turning down the idea.

The pair soon sailed away on a boat to begin their future together and left fans heartbroken that Little had left the show – but who will take over?

The former Two Pints star recently discussed his time on the show and who could be a possibility to replace him.

“I wish I had some insider knowledge but I don’t. Someone younger, someone older? I have no idea. But every leader has to arrive on the island as a fish out of water.

Neville Parker

The Neville Parker star admitted he thinks a female could take over the lead role on Death in Paradise


“That’s the formula. And they have something within them that is broken, and that the island, and the people they work with, will heal. However they do it, that’s the key,” he told The Big Issue.

When asked whether his successor could be a woman, he added: “I don’t see why not. They have the scope to do anything and the opportunity to do anything, but also, this creative team can do anything because they’re so good.

“Death in Paradise is in such good hands and they have a gift for making clever choices. Literally nothing would surprise me.”

Little admitted that leaving the show was a “weird one” and despite filming his last episode it still didn’t feel “real” to him.

Diane Morgan

Many Death in Paradise fans claimed they wanted to see After Life star Diane Morgan star as the lead role


Now with the world at his hands, Little is ready for new adventures but not forgetting the “profound and magical” impact the show had on his life.

Little isn’t the only one who feels that a female successor would be a good move forward for the drama, with many fans on board with the idea.

Diane Morgan, Jaye Griffiths and Jodie Whittaker are just a few names that have been suggested to take over from Little.

In a new thread on Reddit, one fan commented: “I'm warming to Diane Morgan as the DI because it'd be a good way for her to play a different role to Clunk and Liz."

Ralf Little on Death in Paradise

Ralf Little has left the BBC crime drama series


“Diane Morgan is A GENIUS suggestion!” another added before a third noted: “Diane Morgan's blunt deadpan humour would be a big change. Imaging the commissioner dealing with her."

A fourth penned: "Really the show needs a massive change up as it's been getting stale, so Diane all the way."

"I'm loving these articles suggesting Diane Morgan as a contender for the new lead in #DeathInParadise, can't see it happening, but she would be epic," a fifth said. (sic)

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