ITV Vera star Brenda Blethyn poised for new role away from DCI Stanhope drama – despite series renewal

ITV Vera star Brenda Blethyn poised for new role away from DCI Stanhope drama – despite series renewal

Vera's future hangs in the balance as fans slam Ashworth's comeback

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 08/02/2024

- 09:35

Updated: 08/02/2024

- 10:32

ITV recently announced that Vera would be returning for a new series in 2025

Brenda Blethyn is taking a step away from her detective character Vera Stanhope in the hit ITV series and embarking on a new journey on the big screens.

She is set to star alongside Oscar winner Jim Broadbent and former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan in the film, Fools.

The historic comedy will explore the little-known story of 16th-century English Queen Mary Tudor and her friendship of her female court jester.

Gillan will play the Queen in the movie which is set in 1553, as the aftermath of Henry VIII’s death leaves the nation divided.

Broadbent plays the ambitious Cardinal Pole who plots to secure control of the throne, but his humble court jester Jane Foole (played by Patsy Ferran) figures out his devious plans.

It is yet to be announced which role Blethyn will take play, but it is safe to say her already impressive following will pull in a lot of support.

Vera Stanhope

Brenda Blethyn is set to star in the film Fools


The synopsis of the movie explores how Mary Tudor “takes the throne in a divided country on the brink of chaos".

"The pious and apparently humourless queen finds Jane's brilliant slapstick routines uproariously funny, and they strike up a genuine friendship.

“The comedy lightening Mary's mood in the darkest of times, and helping fend off Pole's murderous manipulation. But can Jane's comedy save a nation from civil war?"

The film is written and will be directed by Guy Jenkin who is known for his comedies such as Outnumbered and Drop The Dead Donkey.

Karen Gillan

Brenda will star alongside Doctor Who star Karen Gillan in the film Fools


Speaking about the film, he said: “I am thrilled to be working with such a supremely talented core group of actors on Fools.

"Fools will turn the conventions of a historical film inside-out, and promises to be subversive, striking and very funny.”

Blethyn already has an impressive acting resume under her belt after winning her first BAFTA in 1996 for her work in Secrets and Lies.

She received her second Oscar nomination two years later for Best Supporting Actress in Little Voice and has also won a Golden Globe and a Cannes Film Festival Award.

Vera Stanhope

Vera returns in 2025


Fans were recently left thrilled when they learned that Vera would be returning for another season after Blethyn revealed her future on the show was in doubt.

As the latest series came to an end last Sunday, a picture of Blethyn appeared on screen with the ITV announcer confirming the show would return in 2025.

However, the upcoming series will only consist of two episodes, with the seasons becoming shorter and shorter as they go on.

The new series will begin filming in the spring and could be expected to air early next year, but no date has been set or announced as of yet.

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