BBC The Apprentice’s Virdi dealt huge blow ahead of second task after narrowly avoiding Lord Sugar axe

BBC The Apprentice’s Virdi dealt huge blow ahead of second task after narrowly avoiding Lord Sugar axe

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 08/02/2024

- 05:01

Updated: 09/02/2024

- 09:52

The music producer almost found himself booted off in the first episode

The Apprentice returned last week for series 18, with a brand-new team of hopeful entrepreneurs eager to impress business magnate Lord Alan Sugar.

Last week, Oliver Medforth was the first casualty of the boardroom after a cooking blunder cost him his opportunity to bag a £250,000 investment from Sugar, 76, who fired him following the task.

One of last week’s project manager’s, Virdi Singh Mazaria, could be the next to be sent packing by Sugar after narrowly surviving last week’s boardroom.

According to the latest odds from, the music producer’s chances of winning the series have been dealt a major blow as he is the current favourite to leave this week.

The betting company has said Singh has a 40 percent chance of being fired in week two, with odds of 6/4.

His performance last week failed to impress Sugar and he was torn between which candidate to send home, opting for Medforth after praising Singh for putting himself forward as project manager in week one.

Virdi Singh Mazaria

Virdi was project manager of the boys' team in last week's The Apprentice


Introducing himself in his debut episode, the producer confidently claimed: “Virdi’s in the house – DJ, host. The other candidates are just extras on my journey to the top.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to run the team successfully and, despite the girls’ team struggling throughout the task, they made more profit that their competitors and the boys found themselves in trouble.

As project manager, Virdi was immediately brought back to face Sugar in the dreaded boardroom, and he picked Medforth and Steve Darken to join him in the firing line.

The candidates were tasked with hosting a corporate away day in the Scottish Highlands, but both groups faced huge hurdles and some embarrassing mishaps.

Oliver Medforth

Oliver was the first to be eliminated by Lord Sugar


In the girls’ group, the kitchen team confused breadcrumbs with crumble, leaving guests disgusted with their savoury-sweet hybrid dish.

However, the boys also struggled with the cooking aspect of the task, with the guests’ food served very late and undercooked.

Noor Bouziane, who was responsible for the crumble blunder, is the second most likely candidate to be eliminated this week, with odds of 2/1.

Following her is Darken at 3/1 and Dr Asif Munaf with odds of 4/1 of being the next casualty.

Virdi Signh Mazaria

Virdi has the highest odds of being eliminated this week


The new series landed last week, and after 17 previous series, fans have come to expect plenty of drama, boardroom fights and impressive business dealings.

Sugar has fronted the show since it debuted in 2005 and has made business partners of 17 previous hopefuls, with a loyal fanbase still eager to tune into the annual programme.

The first series winner, Tim Campbell, now advises Sugar on the show along with business executive Karren Brady after he replaced former aide Claude Littner.

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