'Avoid Spain!' British tourists vow to ditch holiday hotspot amid new rules and £500 fines - 'It's their loss'

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Holidaymakers have been warned of new rules

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 28/03/2024

- 12:07

Updated: 29/03/2024

- 11:10

Britons have said they will "boycott" Spain as holidaymakers are warned of rule changes across the country

Spain is a popular destination for holidaymakers but Britons have said they might "avoid" the country in future amid new rules.

Spanish officials have shared plans to reduce the opening hours in the hospitality industry and a fresh warning has been shared as people could be hit with fines of up to £500.

Tourists have been warned of clothing rules which could see them charged hundreds of pounds for baring their torsos in public spaces, such as shops, bars and restaurants.

In some parts of Spain, it is against the law to wear only a bikini or swimming shorts in public spaces and Britons must check the rules in the area they are travelling to.

Beach in Spain

Spain is popular among tourists


This comes as holidaymakers and locals planning to visit bars and restaurants in Spain could experience reduced opening hours, as minister of employment and social economy Yolanda Díaz said the current opening hours are not "reasonable".

However, GB News readers have mixed views of the new rules, with some saying they would rather go elsewhere on holiday in light of these.

One reader wrote: "Boycott Spain ... Their loss", while another added: "Avoid. [There are] plenty of other countries."

One more stated: "Our families have regularly chosen Spain, due to short flights. We prefer the islands rather than the mainland. But I have to agree, our money will now line the Greek's pockets this year."

Another reader said: "If it wasn't for us British going there on holiday, they wouldn't have an economy... I've already cancelled my holiday."

However, others understand the need for the new rules. One said: "Unruly, disrespectful Brits going to Spain just for a cheap drink is one of the reasons these rules are being brought in. So the fact they're saying they won't go anymore means it's working."

A second said the new opening hours are not unreasonable. They stated: "Surely midnight is a satisfactory compromise.... Tolerance for all is easy to achieve if approached correctly."

The mayor of Maria de la Salut and president of the Felib federation of town halls Jaume Ferriol also commented on the new proposals, saying individual councils should be able to set the rules, as some areas rely on tourism more heavily than others.

He said: "We, the town halls, are the ones who best know the needs of the restaurant sector and the consequences that these may have for residents, mainly due to the issue of noise. We meet with both parties and try to satisfy them.


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Tourists have mixed reactions to the proposals


"The Balearic Islands are not the same as, for example, Castile and León. Each region has its type of economy and its climate."

The proposed opening hours are to help reduce noise, stop anti-social behaviour and make the working hours for those in the hospitality industry more reasonable.

Managing director at Travel Republic Henry Sunley commented on the fines. He said: “The announcement from the Foreign Office of various new rules that will be coming into effect in some popular holiday destinations might be overwhelming news for people who have already booked their holidays.

“Understanding the new rules and how they could affect you should be a priority to make sure that nothing takes you by surprise during your trip. Strict laws could see... travellers handed a £500 fine for wearing a bikini or going shirtless in Spain.”

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