'A lot of people hate it!' Expat in Cyprus shares why people 'regret' moving there - 'it's very slow and energy draining'

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An expat in Cyprus provided a warning for those considering the move

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 11/04/2024

- 19:51

Updated: 15/04/2024

- 07:36

For those who thrive in hustle and bustle, the slower pace of life may take some getting used to

Cyprus, famed for its gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, spectacular historical sites, stunning nature and fun nightlife, is a popular destination for British expats looking to start a new life.

Some expats are drawn to Cyprus because the island offers a slower pace of life, and this is particularly appealing for retirees. However, an expat in Cyprus claimed that the "slowness" of Cyprus can be offputting.

Rico Go, who moved to Cyprus from Germany in 2019, loves living in the island country. However, no place is perfect and the expat revealed that some aspects of life there are not ideal.

The expat warned: "Things can be very slow here and energy draining. By that I mean a lot of service providers are not on time.

Cyprus beach

Sunny Cyprus, brimming with stunning beaches, is a popular destination for expats


"A lot of offices take ages to finish documents, and people are just really relaxed here."

For expats looking for a more laidback, island-esque lifestyle, Cyprus certainly promises this, but it may not be the best place if you're looking to get admin done quickly.

Rico Go continued: "As relaxing as this sounds, a lot of people actually hate it and regret moving here because of it because they want to get things done quickly and professionally."

The expat provided an anecdote to illustrate his argument that things are not super efficient in Cyprus.

He said he knew someone who moved to Pathos, Cyprus, and they wanted to have a Wi-Fi box installed.

The internet provider said that someone would be sent to his home to do this within three days, but it was seven days later that they arrived to install it.

What's more, even after the long wait, the Wi-fi box was installed incorrectly, inside the fireplace.

The expat added that shopping may not be the most efficient in Cyprus. He said that Cyprus doesn't really have next-day delivery.

He warned that there are plenty of products you "won't find", plus well-known brands.

"If you're a fancy shopper, you'll definitely want to shop somewhere else The infrastructure for that has simply not been laid out yet."


Woman stressed at desk

Britons may find the slow pace of life frustrating if they are hoping to get things done quickly


For people who enjoy their creature comforts, it seems that life in Cyprus could prove difficult, or at least require an adjustment period.

Another expat made the same revelation about another popular destination. She told Britons that starting a new life in Portugal is "really going to help you practise patience". The expat warned that it "does take a lot longer to get anything done".

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