Joey Barton goes on another tirade and brands presenter 'fat' in astonishing attack

Joey Barton

Joey Barton has gone on another tirade on social media

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 13/12/2023

- 13:24

Updated: 13/12/2023

- 16:16

The former football star has been vocal on social media once again

Joey Barton has called a TV presenter 'fat' after going on yet another social media tirade.

The former Manchester City, Newcastle and QPR star hasn't held back in recent weeks, attracting big controversy in the process.

Barton has made it clear how much he opposes female pundits covering men's football.

He has also targeted Alex Scott, while also revealing a private personal message he sent the former Arsenal star.

Stephen Howson

Joey Barton branded Stephen Howson 'fat' with fans turning on former football star


And Barton has now sparked a backlash after calling Stephen Howson, a presenter and British army veteran, 'fat'.

He starts off his attack by saying: "Mr Potato, Giant Spud, Jersey Royal Head, Who the f**k is this guy?"

And he added "Who the f**k has (sic) this Over sized, couch potato talking to…

"Excuse me, Stephen. @MrStephenHowson. You can’t even do 5 keep ups before you’re out of breath, you big Maris Piper.

"Pipe down. You’ll be getting fried in front of all your 1M subscribers.

WATCH NOW: Joey Barton goads Laura Woods & Blanca Westwood

"Don’t go hiding! You Fat dope."

Football fans have been quick to condemn Barton's latest comments, with one X user saying: "Jesus man. Chill lol."

A second said: "You have the maturity of a 7 year old bully."

A third asked: "Do you wake up angry?"

A fourth stated: "He’s a veteran, he deserves more respect than you ever will."

And a fifth said: "Personal insults = lost the initial debate."

Howson has also responded to Barton and kept things civil.

"Oh Joseph my little French fry," he replied.

"Let’s see if you keep the same energy when you’re sat next to me, flower.

"I didn’t and don’t put my self in the same category as Tyldsley.

"Merely applying your ‘logic’ that to speak on the game you have to have played it professionally.

"It’s called consistency. You wouldn’t know it. Anyway. See you soon."

Another person Barton has criticised is Laura Woods.

Yet Woods has insisted she isn't bothered by the former footballer's comments - while also suggesting Barton was looking to stir up trouble.

She tweeted: “Usually avoid these conversations as I don’t like adding more oxygen.


Alex Scott Laura Woods

Joey Barton has also targeted the likes of Alex Scott and Laura Woods in recent weeks


"But throwing young vloggers to the wolves is wrong.

“I started my career vlogging and I’ve always got on with Joey.

"He also sent me a lovely good luck message for TNT in June. Does that make him a eunuch too?

“Joey’s entitled to his opinion. If he feels that strongly about women in the men’s game he could ask for a private conversation with the broadcasters & state his case.

“These tweets only encourage a pile on for the women getting on with their jobs. Or was that the intention?”

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