Cristiano Ronaldo angers neighbours as football icon builds £19m dream home

Cristiano Ronaldo football

Cristiano Ronaldo is building a dream home in Portugal with football icon still going strong in Saudi Arabia

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 14/11/2023

- 14:49

The 38-year-old is planning for retirement as he enters the latter stages of his glorious career

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly angered his neighbours in Portugal while building his dream home.

The forward is currently strutting his stuff for Al-Nassr these days, having joined from Manchester United last winter.

Ronaldo is contracted to the Saudi Pro League side until 2024 and has netted 13 top-flight goals so far this season.

While he's currently performing in the Middle East, however, the football icon does have half an eye on retirement.

He knows that, for all of his ability, he can't go on forever.

According to Marca, Ronaldo is currently building a dream home in Portugal for when he finally calls it a day.

Yet his neighbours are 'upset with the toll construction has had to their streets and private property'.

The mansion is said to be the most expensive house in Portugal.

And it won't be completed until 2024 at the earliest, much to the frustration of those who live in the surrounding areas.

The property, which has an estimated value of £19million, has been designed by Ronaldo and his family.

It is set to have four floors and four luxury suits, too, while also being covered in 'huge glass walls'.

This will be so Ronaldo and his clan can admire the views of Portugal, while the property will also have a cinema room, a service area, a gym, a tennis court and two garages.

He certainly needs the latter, especially given that he owns over 20 luxury vehicles.

Per the publication, as the budget for the build has increased, so too has the anger of his neighbours.

It's even claimed they don't want to live in the same neighbourhood as Ronaldo any more as their patience wears thin.

One is quoted as saying: "The house has at least one more year of construction to go. We are fed up!"

And a second said: "We've had three years of construction.

"The house is so big that it looks like a hospital.

"My street has been cut off for months, my garden is full of dust. All because of the 'pyramid' of Pharaoh Ronaldo."

Ronaldo isn't expected to return to Portugal until 2025 at the earliest.

That's when he may retire, though it's still not clear when he'll finally hang up his boots.

Speaking last month, the football legend admitted he was unsure about the future.

“Things have happened in my life, both on a personal and professional level, that make me think more in the short term nowadays," he said.

“People say I’m going to play on until I’m 40 or 41 years old. I don’t set these targets.


Cristiano Ronaldo football

Cristiano Ronaldo isn't planning on moving back to Portugal with his contract in Saudi Arabia due to expire in 2025


"It’s a question of just enjoying the moment, which is a good moment.

"I feel good. My body is responding to how I’ve treated it over the years.

"I’m happy both at my club and in the Seleçao [Portugal national team].

"I’ve scored plenty of goals, I feel in good shape physically. It’s a question of enjoying the moment.”

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