Prince Louis ‘doesn’t understand’ severity of Princess Kate’s health scare, says Angela Levin

Prince Louis ‘doesn’t understand’ severity of Princess Kate’s health scare, says Angela Levin

Angela Levin said that Louis "doesn't understand" the severity of his mothers operation

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 29/02/2024

- 14:57

The Princess of Wales is currently recovering from a planned abdominal procedure

A royal commentator claims Prince Louis "doesn't understand" how severe an operation his mother, The Princess of Wales, has had and he "will need a lot of cuddling".

Kate Middleton had planned abdominal surgery last month at The London Clinic and it was announced she will not returning to royal duties until after Easter.

Her husband Prince William has taken a step back from his duties whilst he cares for Kate and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Speaking to GB News, Levin said: "I think they're doing a very good job - They're keeping her very quiet.

Kate Middleton

Princess Kate is currently recovering from her operation


"At one point she was going to be with her parents, then the other she was in Sandringham.

"She hasn't been out, or not that any of us have seen. But I suppose that that's what she needs to do really [stay in].

"If she's had a major operation, she needs to rest. She needs to be looked after very carefully and feel comfortable wherever she is.

"I'm sure they're looking after her very well. And there'll be lots of doctors and physios perhaps as well to help her get her mobility back, slowly but surely.

Tom Howell, Emily Carver, Angela Levin

Angela Levin claimed that Prince Louis will "need lots of cuddling"

GB News

"I think she'll be very pleased about that because she is so athletic, but we don't know anything. It must be very stressful for all of them, and I think for the children as well.

"They need to see their mummy and be with her closely. I think the older two will be extremely kind because they realise she's not well.

"Louis will need lots of cuddling because he needs that from his mother. He wouldn't quite understand."

Levin spoke after The Prince of Wales cancelled his attendance at a memorial service for the late King Constantine of Greece, citing "personal reasons".

Kensington Palace assured concerned royal fans that the last minute absence was "nothing to do with Princess Kate" and confirmed she is "progressing very well".

Prince Louis and Prince George

Prince Louis "might not understand" how severe his mothers surgery is


However, there has been speculation on whether or not this is to do with the health of the Princess.

When asked, Levin said: "I think it's ridiculous to say that when you don't know, We just have to wait, don't we?

"I think if she doesn't appear after Easter, then there would be some cause for more concern.

"But everybody needs to recover from an operation in their own way, and some operations take a lot of care and quietness and gentleness and it is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Prince William."

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