‘Bit of a slapped face for Harry!’ Sussexes mocked after major High Court setback

‘Bit of a slapped face for Harry!’ Sussexes mocked after major High Court setback

Jennie Bond discusses the Sussexes' setback in their High Court case against the Mail on Sunday

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Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 12/12/2023

- 11:23

Prince Harry is currently involved in six ongoing court cases against - four against newspapers and two against the Home Office

Prince Harry has been mocked after being ordered to pay the Mail on Sunday almost £50,000 after a failed High Court challenge against the paper.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond joined Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster on GB News Breakfast to discuss the ruling and the fallout following the Sussexes setback.

Eamonn began: “What about Harry boy? How has he emerged from events this week. That was his appeal, so he lost the case and he's lost the appeal?”

“Bit of a slapped face, yes, for Harry,” said Bond.

Jennie Bond and Prince Harry

Jennie Bond joined GB News Breakfast to discuss Prince Harry's High Court humiliation

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“This is only part of his libel case against the Mail on Sunday. I mean he’s involved in numerous - six actually - court cases, four of them against newspapers, two against the Home Office.

“This is to do with his case against the Home Office that his complaint that his full scale security was taken away.

“The Mail on Sunday suggested that Harry had tried to keep that legal fight secret and then had tried to spin it when it became public.

“Harry though, lost his case against the Mail on Sunday's defence, which was that their article was honest opinion and the judge agreed with the Mail on Sunday and said it wasn't just trying to spin, it was a master class of spinning.


Prince HarryPrince Harry is pursuing multiple civil cases through the High Court in London.PA

“As a result the case will go forward, but without that particular aspect of the Mail on Sunday's defence. And for that, Harry's going to pay nearly £50,000 in legal costs.

“But it must be a fraction of the legal costs that he is risking in these six actions that he's bringing.’

Isabel chimed in, saying: “The cost isn't what's going to hurt. It's the act of losing this part of it, probably.

“That hurts more for him because as you say, as a percentage of what he's spending on lawyers and various different cases going through the courts, this is just a drop in the ocean, really.”

Prince Harry

Prince Harry's High Court showdown with the Home Office will be mostly held behind closed doors due to privacy concerns


“Absolutely,” said Bond. “But he is committed to this. You know, he hasn't rode back on his declaration that he wants to reform our profession - the media and press. I see no sign of him reneging on that.

“They are very quiet at the moment, the Sussexes, I must say. We've not heard much of them on social media or anywhere else. I think everyone's sort of waiting to see what is 2024 going to bring.

“There are suggestions that their brand isn't working and there is a rumour that Meghan might be dropped by her talent agency. There's no confirmation either way on that.

“Things aren't looking too rosy on the public arena for the Sussexes out there… and maybe they are just going to keep a low profile from now on!”

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