Meghan Markle ‘very low’ after criticism of new venture, says Angela Levin

Meghan Markle ‘very low’ after criticism of new venture, says Angela Levin

Angela Levin says Meghan has been 'in tears' over criticism

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 28/05/2024

- 12:05

The Duchess of Sussex struggles to accept criticism, according to Levin

Criticism levelled at Meghan Markle over her new business venture has left her feeling “very low”, according to royal biographer Angela Levin.

Levin joined Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster to discuss the Duchess of Sussex’s new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard.

According to the biographer, Meghan is “thin-skinned” and struggles to accept criticism of the business venture she announced in March.

“She’s been crying a lot”, claimed Levin.

Meghan Markle and Angela Levin

Meghan Markle is 'very low' after criticism of her lifestyle brand, says Angela Levin


"She’s absolutely, very low. She’s very thin-skinned. Anybody who criticises her, she goes mad.

“She can’t stand it. She can’t cope with it”

Levin added that Meghan’s supposed “thin skin” does not bode well for a potential political career, which she claims the duchess is still eyeing up.

“I don’t think she’ll ever make it as a politician”, she said.


Meghan Markle

Meghan soft launched her lifestyle brand by sending out strawberry jam to influencers

Isabel Webster, Eamonn Holmes and Angela Levin

Angela Levin joined Isabel Webster and Eamonn Holmes on GB News


“I heard she was crying the other day because of criticism of American Riviera Orchard.

“If you want to be a politician, you need to have very thick skin.”

Meghan soft launched her brand by gifting 50 jars of strawberry to influencers across the US.

The initial announcement saw Meghan make her return to Instagram, having previously deactivated her account after her engagement to Prince Harry.

The brand pays homage to her home in Santa Barbara, California, with the name being a nod to the popular reference made to the sunny coastal region as the American Riviera.

It remains unclear as to what the duchess will be putting on sale to the general public but a clear focus on home, garden, food and general lifestyle content is expected.

According to documents, the goods and services listed within the trademark application include a variety of home goods.

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