Harry and Meghan are ‘so unpleasant’: Angela Levin attacks ‘nasty’ Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Angela Levin appears on GB News

Angela Levin appears on GB News

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 08/11/2023

- 10:16

Updated: 08/11/2023

- 11:19

Angela Levin said Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are 'spiteful'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been branded "nasty" by Angela Levin, following the latest claims made by the royal couple.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex responded to reports that the pair had denied an invitation to King Charles' 75th birthday celebrations.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry stated the couple have had “no contact” from Buckingham Palace about the planned birthday party for the King.

They added: "It's disappointing The Sunday Times has misreported this story."

GB News also understands that Harry and Meghan haven't received an invite to spend Christmas with the rest of the royals.

Speaking to Mark Dolan on GB News Tonight, Royal Biographer Angela Levin reacted to the claims and said she "wouldn't believe" Meghan and Harry.

Levin said of the statement from Prince Harry's spokesperson: "We've got an unknown, unnamed person saying all sorts of things. We can't believe a word of it. We're so used to them twisting things.

"But also The Sunday Times is a very respectable paper, and the royal head of that is also very careful and well respected. So I don't believe that. I'm sure she's right and they're wrong."

Mark argued the case for the Sussexes, asking Levin if they have just been "treated badly", adding "whether this story is true or not, the Prince should be there".

Mark added: "They've been hounded out of the country, they've had to move to America, and they're still getting dissed by the press, including you and I?"

Levin hit back at Mark's comments, stating: "That's because they've become so unpleasant. They're so nasty. They're so awful about things. And also I call them eco-hypocrites because they're going so many times in private planes and yet they're telling us that we absolutely must not do that.

"Harry set up Travalyst, which which is when you go away, you're very careful where you go and how you go and you don't use planes and all that. And he's the patron of that and he's just doing absolutely the opposite of what he's telling us to do."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan and Harry claim they have had 'no contact' from Buckingham Palace regarding the party


Discussing the Sussexes Biographer Omid Scobie, Mark and Levin detailed his upcoming new book 'Endgame', which is expected to portray the King as "unpopular" and Prince William as a "power hungry heir".

Levin revealed: "Harry knows that when he [William] was young he didn't want to be a king, but now he's accepted his responsibility and he's working jolly hard on it. I think it's very spiteful.

"This one is going to be exactly the same, full of lies, full of unkindness, full of spitefulness, which is going to hurt them just before Christmas.

"And I think that they cannot get it out of their system - live your life. No one's stopping them with their life, get on with it."

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