‘Time for America to close the doors’: Trump backed to deliver on migration as he battles Biden on border

‘Time for America to close the doors’: Trump backed to deliver on migration as he battles Biden on border

Erik Prince also spoke to GB News' Nigel Farage about Joe Biden's mental health concerns

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James Saunders

By James Saunders

Published: 04/03/2024

- 20:53

‘Life is about delivering consequences for negative behaviour, and Trump will deliver’, Erik Prince said

Donald Trump has been backed to win this year’s presidential election and “will be elected” on immigration as Democrats face the “consequences” of Joe Biden’s border policy, a top security expert has claimed.

Speaking to GB News, Erik Prince – founder of private military company Blackwater and cyber-security firm Unplugged, and brother to Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos – lamented the current state of illegal immigration in the US.

Prince said the border was “secure” when Trump left office, but the then-incoming Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas “proudly announced all the Trump border provisions that he was undoing early in the Biden administration”.

Prince continued: “I mean, it’s on tape… I saw the tape yesterday of him bragging about undoing all these Trump border security measures.

Erik Prince, Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Prince said he thinks Trump "will be elected" on immigration later this year

GB News/Reuters

“And now they wonder that another 10, 15 million people will float into the country illegally? That’s ridiculous – beyond ridiculous.

“It’s even affecting Democrats in Democrat-run cities that are overrun to the point of really badly affecting social services, medical services and sanitation.”

But Prince issued a prediction-cum-rallying-cry for the year, and years, ahead.

He said: “I think Trump will be elected on it, and the deep state will still try to slow him down on deportation and cleaning it up.


US Supreme Court

Trump's re-election hopes will be bolstered by today’s news that the US Supreme Court gave him the all-clear to run in Colorado


"But it's doable, because it's been done in the ‘50s, it was done in the ‘60s, and it's time for America to close the doors for a while.”

When asked what closing the doors would mean for the ‘American dream’ – the idea that people from around the world could come and succeed in the US – Prince said: “[America] still is [that place], but I think the immigration policy should be that of a wide gate and a tall fence.

“Immigrating legally is hyper-bureaucratic, and there’s a lot of stupid steps to take – let’s rationalise that – but actually have security, so that if you come here illegally and you’re paying a trafficker up to $50,000 to smuggle you in, that’s not going to fly.

“You will be penalised, and the trafficker that took you in is also going to suffer consequences; life is about delivering consequences for negative behaviour, and Trump will deliver.”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump by the US-Mexico border

Both Trump and Biden made visits to different border towns in Texas last week


Prince was questioned on what he thought of reports that over $52 million had already been spent on immigration-based campaign ads in 2024 – and whether that money could have been better spent.

He answered: “Look, $52 million is an unfortunate cost of campaigning in America to try to cut through the noise – if the Democrats are running immigration ads, it’s because they’re trying to spin a lie that they’re not responsible.

“Any person that can fog a mirror can search and see Mayorkas and Biden both proudly bragging how they undid all the Trump border security methods they left in place.”

Prince’s remarks at the end of last week came as both Trump and Biden visited border towns in Texas, with immigration their top priorities in addresses.

Any hopes of a successful Trump re-election this year will be bolstered by today’s news that Colorado’s move to disqualify him from running for office was overturned by the Supreme Court in what the 45th president called a “big win for America”.

The former president is set for a Super Tuesday showdown in Colorado tomorrow with his one-time UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for Republican nomination – and with today’s ruling in mind, his camp will be feeling bullish.

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