Donald Trump ‘catapulted Nigel Farage to US fame’: Lee Cohen says Reform boss has ‘made a splash’ in America

Donald Trump ‘catapulted Nigel Farage to US fame’: Lee Cohen says Reform boss has ‘made a splash’ in America

WATCH NOW: Lee Cohen says Nigel Farage 'catapulted Nigel Farage to fame' in the US

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/07/2024

- 14:47

Updated: 09/07/2024

- 15:47

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has maintained a strong relationship with the former US President in recent months

Former US President Donald Trump is the person who "catapulted" Nigel Farage to fame in the US, it has been claimed.

The Reform UK leader indicated that he would accompany Trump on his campaign trail ahead of the Presidential election in November, but decided to take the helm of the UK political party instead.

After winning five seats with Reform UK in the General Election, Farage is now an MP for the Essex town of Clacton.

Discussing Farage's success on GBN America, Cohen says the Reform UK leader has made "quite a splash" across the pond.

Donald Trump, Lee Cohen, Nigel Farage

Lee Cohen says Nigel Farage was 'catapulted' by Donald Trump in the US

Getty / PA / GBNA

Cohen said: "His media appearances, his work as a surrogate for Donald Trump, and their relationship, I believe, has catapulted Nigel to fame in the United States.

"Americans are largely ignorant of British politics, but they know Nigel because they see him on Fox News and they see him on many of our network programmes."

Turning the discussion to the political sphere in the US, Cohen highlighted the uncertainty of whether America will see Trump return to The White House for a second term, or if current President Biden will even remain a candidate on the Democrat ticket.

Cohen explained: "We don't know if Donald Trump is going to prevail in the election, and we don't know if Joe Biden is going to remain the candidate.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage won five seats with Reform UK in last week's General Election


"And we don't know that if he doesn't remain the candidate, who might be his successor. And it's certainly fascinating to consider all of those permutations and think, who might Keir Starmer have to engage with?"


Reflecting on Nigel Farage's election campaign in the lead up to July 4, host Tom Harwood noted the "American" approach to the Reform UK leader's rallies, and questioned Cohen on whether he believes Farage has been "inspired" by Trump.

Cohen responded: "I think Nigel has an innate sense of promotion and media, so I think he comes with a lot of this anyway.

"But perhaps he has taken a cue for for what's worked in the United States. I first heard Nigel Farage speaking for Donald Trump's campaign and to his merit, I thought he's doing this better than any of the American surrogates that I've heard."

Cohen continued: "Now, perhaps that's because Nigel is a very good wordsmith and a very good communicator. Or perhaps it's because there's something innately good about the way Brits communicate."

Lee Cohen

Lee Cohen said Nigel Farage is a 'very good wordsmith and a very good communicator'

GBN America

Highlighting the similarities between Farage and Trump, Cohen praised both political figures for "speaking about what is in the hearts of the people" they are leading.

Cohen told GBNA: "I believe that Donald Trump and Nigel Farage both speak to what is in the hearts of a lot of people and our current politicians don't do that.

"They're afraid to say the wrong thing and to offend half the population that they want to vote for them.

"Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are willing to talk about things like immigration and taxes, and that is very appealing indeed and refreshing."

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