'If GB News did that interview Ofcom would be on it' As ITV slammed for Farage probe we explore mainstream TV bias against Reform

Ed Balls, Susanna Reid and Nigel Farage

Good Morning Britain presenters Ed Balls and Susanna Reid have been accused of a "biased" interview with Nigel Farage

Good Morning Britain
GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 18/06/2024

- 15:13

Updated: 18/06/2024

- 15:42

The Reform UK leader faced questions from Susanna Reid and Ed Balls on Tuesday

Good Morning Britain hosts have been accused by viewers of "biased" interviewing as they questioned the leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage.

Viewers have repeatedly complained about biased reporting and interviewing of Nigel Farage by mainstream media including ITV and the BBC.

This morning, the leader of Reform appeared on the ITV breakfast show to discuss the party's newly-released "contract" with the nation.

ITV viewers commented on the "unprofessional" and "disgraceful" manner the hosts questioned Farage on the personal tax proposal and Reform candidates' social media links to a fascist leader.

Reid grilled Farage about Reform UK candidates who are friends on Facebook with British fascist leader Gary Raikes.

Farage explained he "didn't even know what the bloke's name was until last Thursday" and that Reform UK had hired a reputable vetting company that "didn't do the work," resulting in candidates "slipping through the net".

At multiple points in the interview, Reid interrupted Farage including when he was explaining how Reform paid a vetting company a large sum of money to research candidates.

One social media user claimed that if GB News produced the interview, the broadcasting regulator Ofcom would investigate it.

A user on X said: "I’m pretty sure if GB News did an interview like this @ofcom would be on it quickly."

Ed Balls, Susanna Reid and Nigel FarageNigel Farage appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss Reform UK's newly released "contract" to the peopleGood Morning Britain

Chris Dann also commented: "An interview that is so flippant as well. So much obvious bias. @ofcom."

In June, the BBC was also accused of bias by viewers after Farage was questioned by Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt on topics including immigration and tax.

Munchetty asked Farage "Do you recognise that some of the language you've used before, and members of the Reform Party have used around immigration is divisive and inflammatory?

To which Farage replied: "I don't think anything I've said is inflammatory."

Following the interview which saw Munchetty grilling Farage on his immigration figures, a viewer said: "Sometimes the truth is divisive and inflammatory but you shouldn’t run away from it!"

Another said: "Impartial BBC interviewing and couldn’t make it any more obvious they were dead against him."

Naga Munchetty Nigel Farage

Naga Munchetty was accused by viewers of not being able to "hide her dislike" for Farage during a BBC interview


One simply said: "Biased lot," while Angela Gwinnett added: "Naga finds it difficult to hide her dislike of Nigel."

The BBC were put under the spotlight again after an episode of Have I Got New for You saw panellists burst into an over six-minute rant about Farage.

During the episode, Farage was referred to as "pure Trump" and for making stuff up. However, he was not present to defend himself.

Fans were not impressed by the lack of alternative views on the subject and once again turned to social media to voice their frustration.

Talking on X, one person fumed: "The BBC has been massively biased. Very Anti-Brexit, Anti-Trump, Anti-Tory, Pro Mass Immigration, were Pro Lockdown, Pro going Green etc. Just look at the panelists', jokes and audiences in Questiontime, HIGNFY etc. over the last 10 years."

"Was thinking #HIGNFY was getting back to the middle ground and being neutral again. Today, they have the deranged Carol Vorderman on. Back to normal BS from the BBC," another shared.

Audience at television debate

The audience at the BBC's TV election debate has been slammed as "bias" after an anti-Brexit attack received a huge round of applause


In June, the BBC was also accused of selecting a "biased" audience at the TV election debate after an anti-Brexit attack received a huge round of applause.

Angry social media users shared their outrage online and demanded Ofcom take action.

One user said: "The audience was anything other than balanced. The clapping showed the bias of that audience very, very clearly. If this was @gbnews then @ofcom would have already opened an investigation."

Furthermore, in May BBC Question Time left viewers unhappy after Fiona Bruce interjected an argument between Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan.

One viewer penned: "Fiona Bruce is a disgrace. Typical BBC bias. She allowed it to be the Wes Streety show and constantly cut off @Nigelfarage."

After Farage complained about Reform UK being left out of a BBC leaders' debate, the Beeb has added an extra Question Time instalment featuring representatives from Reform UK and the Green Party, scheduled for June 28.

Nigel Farage

Viewers claimed that Farage was interviewed differently from the other contestants in the jungle by ITV


Brian Cox's comments on the BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg also sparked complaints after the Succession star branded Farage as "slightly fascist."

TV presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer responded: "On @bbclaurak this morning, actor Brian Cox says of @Nigel_Farage 'I find him slightly fascist'. What an utterly ridiculous thing to say. Any suggestions for opinions and policies that could be considered *slightly* fascist...?"


Good Morning Britain's Ed Balls and Susanna Reid were also accused of treating Nigel Farage differently to other contestants on the ITV series I'm A Celebrity.

Farage was forced to bat away sarcastic probes about the money he received for going into the jungle and hit back at Hancock comparisons.

Balls also snidely commented that Farage would use his exposure from the jungle to "finally" get into the British parliament after failing to do so previously.

Again, viewers voiced their concerns with one fan stating: "Notice the difference in the way they interviewed Tony to the way they have Nigel! Biased. #gmb."

Another penned: "Huge difference between the way these two leftist numpties interview Nigel Farage against the other contestants...their sneering contempt is a disgrace but only to be expected when u look at the itv agenda #gmb."

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