‘You’re NOT happy to be proved wrong!’ Andrew Pierce in fiery row with Tobias Ellwood as he refuses to back Rwanda bill

‘You’re NOT happy to be proved wrong!’ Andrew Pierce in fiery row with Tobias Ellwood as he refuses to back Rwanda bill
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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 14/12/2023

- 10:49

Updated: 14/12/2023

- 11:46

Sunak's Safety of Rwanda Bill won its vote in the House of Commons with a 44 majority

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood sparked a fiery clash with host Andrew Pierce as he debated the Government's Rwanda bill.

Appearing on Britain's Newsroom, Ellwood reacted to the government's Safety of Rwanda Bill, which won its vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Securing a 44 majority, the Rwanda Bill won 313 votes to 269 in its second reading.

37 Tory MPs abstained on the vote, including former Home Secretary Suella Braverman and ex-Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick.

Tobias Ellwood

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood says the Rwanda Bill is a 'utopian solution'

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In a statement posted to X, formerly Twitter, Prime Minister Sunak said of the result: "The British people should decide who gets to come to this country – not criminal gangs or foreign courts.

"That’s what this Bill delivers. We will now work to make it law so that we can get flights going to Rwanda and stop the boats."

Reacting to the Rwanda plan, Ellwood told GB News that the deportation flights are a "utopian solution" to the problem.

Ellwood revealed one of the reasons why he abstained from the Rwanda vote in the Commons was due to "real problems" with the legislation.

Ellwood explained: "I can't support any policy that then actually dictates Parliament determining if a country is safe. And that's actually in clause two of the bill, every decision maker must conclusively treat the Republic of Rwanda as a safe country. It's not up to parliament to make that judgment.

"And then there's this issue to do with actually disapplying the Human Rights Act. And then of course it puts us in a challenge with the ECHR as well on interim solutions. For these reasons, I couldn't support this particular bill."

Ellwood then argued: "There is no data, no data anywhere that's been accumulated to say that this would act as a deterrent. The flights themselves, the people that you're speaking about that are stuck here, that's a processing issue."

Andrew asked him in response: "How do you know it's not going to be a deterrent?"

Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner

Andrew Pierce told Ellwood he is 'not happy' to be proved wrong

GB News

Ellwood replied: "I'm happy to be proved wrong. But again looking at the bill, any individual that feels that claims for example that they are a homosexual or have political issues and so forth, then their their considerations would then move to the courts. So our courts will be clogged up.

"If they've taken the risk, paid a lot of money to a criminal gang to get across the the, the, the channel, then then they'll be told and instructed. Make sure that you make a claim to say that you're not sure of your sexuality, for example. They will do whatever they can to avoid going to Rwanda.

"And even if those Rwanda fights did get going, they would actually be able to cater, because of the timetabling, for 1% of those making the journey. So you tell me whether that's a deterrent. I'm happy to be proved wrong."

Andrew hit back: "Tobias, you're not happy to be proved wrong because you're not supporting the bill. You're not prepared to give it a chance."

Ellwood responded: "I'm not giving it a chance because it breaches international law. It's nothing to do with it. I'm happy with the concept of us taking people to another place. Even the Supreme Court said that is OK.

"I'm not happy with supporting a bill that sees the United Kingdom that helped write and define international law. We uphold and craft international law. This bill says no, we're going to rip up international law. That's not a good look."

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