US voters believe Biden has totally LOST control of America's borders

A majority of Americans now believe the US has lost control of its borders.

A majority of Americans now believe the US has lost control of its borders.

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 09/01/2024

- 15:17

Citizens in America have delivered an extremely damning verdict

The electoral outlook once again looks bleak for the US President as this year begins.

As seems increasingly common, Donald Trump has maintained decisive poll leads over Biden in the swing state battlegrounds.

Polling firm Redfield and Wilton have once again polled voters across Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

These are the battleground, swing election battles that will decide if Joe Biden is re-elected as President or not.

As things stand, the verdict from voters remains overwhelming - and it doesn't look good for Biden.

Trump currently leads him 41%-35% in Arizona, 45%-34% in Florida, 42%-34% in Georgia, 39%-37% in Michigan, 37%-33% in North Carolina and a knife-edge 40%-39% in Pennsylvania.

A wildcard factor in this US Presidential Election is the continuing significant support for third party independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He scores between 6% - 11% in each of these battleground states.

The economic winds aren't positive. As Redfield and Wilton report: "Majorities of voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (as well as pluralities in Georgia and North Carolina) say their financial situation has worsened in the past year."

We know that Europe is facing major problems when it comes to illegal immigration. But America is too facing a colossal crisis.

Consider this: in December alone US border officials were on track to process 300,000 migrants, an all-time high.

Such is the crisis at the southern border that illegal crossings have surged to the point that American voters don't even believe the US is in control anymore.

When asked if America has control over its borders, an astonishing 66% of voters in Arizona now say 'no'.

As do 63% of those in Pennsylvania, 62% in Florida and 61% in North Carolina.

Fewer than a quarter (24%) of those in Arizona and Pennsylvania actually believe that America has control over its borders.

It underlines the complete chaos that American citizens have watched unfold at their southern border - and why Joe Biden is on course for an election defeat unless he can turn things around quickly.

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