‘Anti-British rhetoric is taking over this country – we must fight for our flag,’ writes Ben Habib

‘Anti-British rhetoric is taking over this country – we must fight for our flag,’ writes Ben Habib

‘Anti-British rhetoric is taking over this country – we must fight for our flag,’ writes Ben Habib

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Ben Habib

By Ben Habib

Published: 23/03/2024

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‘There is a large swathe of people in the United Kingdom who hate the United Kingdom,’ writes Ben Habib

It is socially acceptable to champion the sovereignty of Ukraine but not that of our own country. We will bend over backwards to finance Zelensky, not even questioning his war aims, so he may defend his country. Yet at home, our intellectual and governing classes hold the United Kingdom virtually in contempt.

Will they defend our borders against those entering the country illegally? No. Do they care about the damage being done by multiculturalism? No. Do they promote and respect foreign cultures more than our own? Absolutely.

There is a large swathe of people in the United Kingdom who hate the United Kingdom.

Those of us who are proud of and love our country, are accused by them of being nationalist. If we speak in favour of reducing immigration we are accused of being xenophobic. If we wish national policy to be made with our interests in mind, we are accused of being far right.

The only thing which assuages their lust for damaging our country is an acceptance of all things anti-British.

To be socially acceptable we must peddle the lie that our forefathers were all slave traders and our wealth illegitimate. That our national heroes were racist. Churchill was not the saviour of the free world but a racist who turned his back on starving Bengalis.

Ben Habib

Ben Habib


Well, I reject all this for the lies that it is.

The United Kingdom may no longer be the greatest country on Earth but it is the best.

There is no country which gets close to matching us in just about any sphere you may care to mention. Our language, literature, scientific advancement, technological inventions, philosophical thought, political and legal systems, and military, to name a few have all led the World.

The World would be a much poorer place in all respects if it were not for the UK. Economically and culturally, our legacy for the World is huge.

The V for victory sign was commonly used by Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill led Britain to victory in World War TwoPA

It is a mystery therefore how these people came to hate their own country and by implication themselves so much. They are gripped by a loathing which will not be shifted by reason or debate. They desire the end of the United Kingdom.

Go abroad and virtually without exception the people of the countries you visit will rightly speak proudly of their country. Their flags will liberally adorn buildings and public places.

But in the UK, if you wear a Union flag on your lapel, as I often do, people look at you quizzically. I can see the contempt in their eyes. By that one act alone they pigeonhole me as a right-wing, nationalist, populist.

To them, I say this: it is indeed right to be nationalist and appeal to the populace. That is the essence of belief in your country and the promotion of its and its people’s interests.

No amount of them seeking to undermine my love of Britain will make a difference to me.

Thankfully, I am not alone. The silent majority are in lockstep. They want their country back.

They voted for Brexit to get their country back. The elite stood in the way. They have frustrated the will of the people. We remain subject to Brussels’s jackboot.

But here is another famous quality of being British: dogged stubbornness.

We will not give up the fight for our country. It may seem like we have been on the beaches of Dunkirk for years but fight on we will.

And in that fight, we will be buoyed by one thing more than any other. A belief in and a love of our flag.

Rule Britannia.

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