Eight XL bully dogs run riot in couple's home as owners look to move to bigger house

Eight XL bully dogs run riot in couple's home as owners look to move to bigger house

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 02/04/2024

- 17:20

The pair took in an XL Bully last year unaware that the dog was pregnant

A group of XL Bully dogs are causing chaos in a couple’s home with the pair now desperate to move into a bigger home.

The couple from Canterbury rescued an XL Bully dog last year, only to soon discover that she was pregnant.

A month later, the dog, named Brandy, gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies, eight of which survived and have since taken up residence in the couple’s home.

The pair have decided to keep all the dogs to stop them from being put down, due to new laws passed earlier this year which prohibit the rehoming of XL Bullies.

American Bully dog

A group of XL Bully dogs (not pictured) have run riot in a couple's home, leading them to begin searching for a larger property


However, the canines have caused chaos, ransacking their home and leading the couple to give up their other two dogs in the process.

“We helped bring them into the world, and I even gave one the kiss of life, so we can never see them given fatal jabs,” said the 43-year-old mum told Kent Online.

“But they are chewing the furniture and the place is starting to smell, despite repeated cleaning. Our lives are dominated by the dogs and it’s very stressful because they are so demanding to care for.”

She said the dogs are rapidly outgrowing their surroundings and the couple will need to look for a bigger home.


The puppies - Brownie, JT, Forto, Bruce, Yolanta, Sparkle, Rosie and Yelyha - live in the spare room at the couple's home and go out into the gardens a couple of hours a day to play.

Earlier this year, the couple raised almost £5,000 via an online petition to help pay for the dogs’ care, however, that is now all gone.

If successful in finding a new property suitable for their large litter, they want to invite other XL Bully owners to exercise their dogs in their fields.

Since February 1, it has been an offence to sell, abandon, give away, breed, or walk an unleashed and unmuzzled XL Bully dog in England and Wales, with Scotland imposing the same legislation on February 23.

XL bully

The canines (not pictured) have ransacked the couples' home

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Nearly 40,000 XL Bully dogs are thought to still be on Britain’s streets despite a ban on the breed being introduced - according to the banned breeds register, some 38,424 dogs were granted the £92 exemption to avoid being put down.

Estimates suggest there have been as many as 24 deaths linked to the breed since 2021.

Earlier today, the first prosecution relating to owning an XL Bully was made.

Patrick McKeown, 40, had kept the dog at a property in central Worthing, West Sussex - but had not taken appropriate action to protect his pet when new legislation was introduced in February.

Police had contacted McKeown over another matter, prompting him to tell authorities he had one of the banned breeds at his address - where it was reported the dog had been seen loose in the back garden.

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