‘I don’t think it’s a bad thing’: US liberal bafflingly defends dressing seven-year-old in burqa

‘I don’t think it’s a bad thing’: US liberal bafflingly defends dressing seven-year-old in burqa

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 30/05/2024

- 18:00

Hamtramck, Detroit has undergone a radical

A US liberal speaking to Steven Edginton in GBN America documentary America’s Muslim City sought to defend use of the burqa.

He joined Steven to discuss the changing face of Hamtramck, Detroit, the first US city to elect a fully Muslim council.

“I think that people should wear whatever they want to wear, that’s their business”, he said.

“I was sitting there the other day, I saw a woman completely in Muslim garb, she was with two little girls who were probably seven-years-old.

Some liberals have defended the seismic shift in demographics


“All you could see was their eyes. As they were walking by, I could see one of the girls wearing blue, flashing shoes. That is an absolute break in culture.”

Pressed by Steven as to whether he believes there is “any issue” with this given the controversial nature of the burqa, the liberal said he saw no problem.


“I don’t think it’s really a bad thing”, he said.

“I think the point is, if that seven-year-old is going to be completely covered up now, in just a couple of years she’ll just have her hair covered.”

Burqas are one of the many signs of cultural change on the streets of Hamtramck with a ban on LGBT flags, male and female entrances to Mosques, restrictions on music lessons and the call to prayer blasting over loudspeakers all becoming a part of everyday life in the Michigan city.

Some local liberals are not concerned about the prospect of US culture waning, with some actively celebrating it.

Steven Edginton explored Hamtrack to see the dramatic shift in culture


One told Steven that the ‘Death to America’ slogan becoming increasingly prevalent in the area is a cause for optimism.

“I think it’s awesome”, he said.

He added: "In Hamtramck, we have all different kinds of people living next to each other, living on top of each other.

"Hamtramck is also a super queer city, and is definitely something I've noticed."

Praising the chants of "Death to America" heard at local pro-Palestine demonstrations, he added: "I think chanting Death to America is maybe one of the least problematic things somebody can say."

He added: "America is like the world's police. I try to talk to people about this, outside of the neighbourhood.

"Even though the city council is doing all of this weird stuff about politics and what flags you can fly, as far as living in a neighbourhood, everybody lives in harmony."

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