Gen Z ‘vibe shift’ in America as Trump ‘winning younger voters in record numbers’

Gen Z ‘vibe shift’ in America as Trump ‘winning younger voters in record numbers’

Charlie Kirk joins Steven Edginton on GBN America

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 17/06/2024

- 17:02

Updated: 17/06/2024

- 17:07

Younger voters tend to favour the Democrats

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk believes Gen Z is undergoing a “vibe shift” in America with more younger voters backing Donald Trump.

While younger voters would traditionally favour the Democrats, Kirk told GBN America he feels this trend is being ebbed away slowly with the former president cleverly targeting the demographic.

While in discussion with Steven Edginton, Kirk claimed Trump is winning over younger voters “in record numbers” and the phenomenon is not confined to America.

“If the European elections are any indicator, this is a phenomenon that is intercontinental. We see it France, we see it in parts of Germany and other countries where younger voters are rejecting mass migration and they want a restoration of national sovereignty”, he said.

Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump and Logan Paul

Charlie Kirk says Logan Paul's interview with Trump is emblematic of a Gen Z 'vibe shift'


“Therefore, what happened in France is a very interesting indicator because it shows that our polling might not be that far off.

“We don’t know though. The recent polling shows Donald Trump losing the youth vote by two.

Steven Edginton

Steven Edginton spoke to Charlie Kirk


“To make your audience understand that never happens in American politics. This does not happen since 1988, but we are doing a lot of work at Turning Point to try to move younger voters towards a conservative, nationalist, pro-sovereignty direction.”

Influencer Logan Paul recently conducted an interview with Trump and Kirk cited this case as an example of the popularity the 78-year-old is being able to garner.

Paul, who previously backed the Black Lives Matter movement, “now seems to be more kind of conservative”, Edginton pointed out during the GBN America discussion.

Kirk responded: “I offer a lot of grace to Logan Paul. I never used to be a supporter of his but what he’s created with his energy drink, it’s doing $1 billion in sales.

Jake Paul Logan Paul

Logan Paul (left) has racked up millions of YouTube subscribers


“I can tell you that’s a hard thing to do. I have a lot of respect for him as an entrepreneur. He is not a dummy.

“People think he is dumb, he’s playing to his audience, but you don’t get 27 million YouTube subscribers by being a dummy.

“A lot of people think, ‘he does stupid videos’, no, this guy knows that his audience is primarily 18 to 24-year-old men that drink energy drinks and play video games.

“They’re going towards Trump. Logan Paul would not have sat down with Trump if he didn’t think that he would have at least gotten a bump or survived it.

“That means Logan Paul knows something about his audience that the media might be missing.”

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