Outrage after trans woman hired as chief of charity for womb condition

Steph Richards

Steph Richards

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 14/11/2023

- 11:23

Updated: 14/11/2023

- 11:33

Steph Richards has defended herself, saying the condition can impact everyone

A charity has been criticised after hiring a trans woman as its chief executive.

Endometriosis South Coast announced 71 year old Steph Richards would be appointed to the role.

However, gender critical campaigners criticised the move. Director of advocacy at campaign group Sex Matters Helen Joyce said: "No matter how small the organisation, appointments like these matter.

“Women who have suffered the pain of endometriosis, which is an under-recognised women’s health issue, deserve better.”

Endometriosis causes tissue similar to the womb lining to grow outside the uterus


One user on X, formerly Twitter, added that Steph “will never know what it’s like to have endometriosis”. However, the charity has defended the move, saying the condition can impact everyone.

A spokesperson from the charity said: " We are excited to share with you all that we welcome Steph to the team as our new CEO. Supporting to move forward with our missions as a charity - we are all grateful to have Steph on board.

"The vast majority of writing on endo overlooks the fact that endo is not a condition that only affects women"

Steph has thanked the charity and criticised those who spoke out against the appointment. Writing on X, she said: "I want to thank @JodieEndoPhD and @EndoSouthC for their invitation to join them as their new CEO - I was and remain genuinely honoured.

"My mission will be to oversee the charity's everyday running, raise awareness of #endometriosis and #adenoyosis and raise the profile of ESC.


A sign saying "trans rights are human rights"

Trans campaign group TransLucent has backed the appointment


"Around 10 per cent of women and trans men suffer from endo, with some suffering from deliberating pain regularly.

"The average diagnosis time via the NHS is now eight years, costing the economy £8.2billion per year due to medical costs and lost days at work.

"One of our aims is to advocate for a women'sHealthHub in Portsmouth, and I am proud that we started on this journey some months ago.

"Health Hubs will help cut waiting times and reduce suffering.

"Feminism has many causes, far too many to put in one tweet - but for me, inequality in healthcare is a priority and I will do my best to help overcome this injustice."

Endometriosis causes tissue similar to the womb lining to grow outside the uterus and affects as many as one in 10 biological women, or trans men who were born female.

Campaign group TransLucent, which Steph is also the CEO, said: "We want to congratulate our current CEO @PompeySteph becoming CEO of @EndoSouthC.

"Helping those in need has nothing to do with sex, proven by the fact there are thousands of cisgender male gynaecologists and midwives based across the UK and beyond."

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