Queue forms at one human checkout in Sainsbury's as Britons refuse self-checkout - ENOUGH!


Sainsbury's shoppers refuse to use self checkouts

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 04/05/2024

- 11:35

Updated: 04/05/2024

- 11:35

Social media users fell on both sides of the debate

Supermarket shoppers are turning their backs on self-service checkout machines in favour of the ‘human option’ even if they’re forced to wait for extended periods of time.

One shopper sparked a heated debate online after he posted a picture showing a lengthy queue in his local shop.

At least 6 people can be seen in the queue ahead of him with seemingly no one lining up for the self-checkouts.

The man’s experience appears worse as everyone in front of him has full trolleys but he claims to be fine waiting so long as he can use the one open human checkout.


Sainsbury's apologised for any inconvenience


The shopper took to Twitter, writing: “Only one till open at Sainsbury’s in Bell Green…

“I don’t give a f**k, I’ll queue till Xmas. I am not doing self-service.”

GB News’ Bev Turner replied to the post, adding: “Happened to me today at Aldi.....‘excuse me, you can use the self-checkout.’

“Me (with a smile): ‘No thanks. I'm trying to make sure you will still have a job’.”

Sainsbury's one checkout open

One shopper shared a picture of his experience


Other social media users chipped into the debate, with one user adding: “This may sound right wing but there needs to be tills open.

“I’m not against self-serve and use it a lot but there needs to be a choice.

“What if one day I choose to go for a manned till rather than a self-serve? I should be able to have that choice.”

Another shopper said: “I've left my shopping in the trolley and went to Lidl next door when this happened in the Stoke.

“I refuse to use the self-checkout. The stores make big profits and make staff redundant.

“They've taken over the high street and mopped up the independent stores, with express shops.”

A third user wrote: “Done exactly the same at Newbury Park and Barkingside!!! When I questioned the manager about opening more tills (3 were empty) she happily informed me the plan was to do away with them altogether @sainsburys couldn’t care less for customer service.”

Self checkout

Self checkout


However, other users didn’t see a problem with the self-checkouts.

One user chimed in: “Why are you complaining on Twitter if you’re ‘willing to queue till Christmas’?

“It’s not the staff's fault they only work to the guidelines set by those higher up in Sainsbury’s HQ complain to them.”

Another added: “I don’t get it. Just use the self-service & get on with your life.

“Can then enjoy all the Bank Holidays we’ve got before that big Xmas one….”

A third said: “I actually like the self-scanners that supermarkets have.

“If I'm doing my monthly shop which is large being able to scan as I shop and then just pay with my card is actually very convenient instead of queuing for ages and have someone scan them all and then I have bag them up.”

Replying to the original post, a customer service representative for the chain wrote: “Thank you for getting in touch and notifying us about this.

“I've now fed your comments back to the store manager for an internal review.

“Please be assured this will be looked into and dealt with accordingly.

“Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.”

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