Fence next to home pulled down - and now thousands of train passengers can stare into garden

Fence next to home pulled down - and now thousands of train passengers can stare into garden
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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 02/04/2024

- 17:24

Updated: 09/04/2024

- 12:02

Residents in Strawberry Hill, West London have been split over the ruling

Neighbours have been left split after a fence was pulled down, meaning train passengers could peer into gardens.

A 7ft wooden privacy fence was torn down for residents in Strawberry Hill, West London following concerns about "vandalism and costs of ongoing maintenance."

While some are delighted the "eyesore" fence was torn down, others are now anxious to let their children play outside for fear of passers-by.

A section of the wooden fence has been left at the far end of the platform - while the rest was replaced by a metal mesh alternative.

However, all the residents on Orford Gardens agreed that it was wrong to prune back the shrubbery which acted as a natural block.

Orford Gardens with inset of Strawberry Hill station

Residents of Orford Gardens were split over the decision

Google Maps/WikiCommons

Christine Southern, 63, who has lived in her house for 24 years, told The Sun: "The fence was fabulous for privacy. It’s also the cost of putting it up and then taking it down again.

"People stand on the platform, turn round and look straight into our conservatory and the bedrooms.

"For 20 years there was vegetation and everyone was happy. Privacy is one thing, then there’s security and of course the noise. There was no noise when the vegetation was there.

"The last train comes through at 1am and first one goes out at 5.30am. This whole situation is really weird. We’ve had our sheds broken into, expensive road bikes taken, people climb over. They can see in."


\u200bStrawberry Hill station

Strawberry Hill station


Fellow resident Brian Luckhurst said: "The noise is the biggest issue for us.

Meanwhile, his neighbour, Mum-of-two Stephanie Bailey, 45, described the situation as "really annoying."

Pip Rowett, 85, who can see the remaining section of wooden fence from his garden, slammed it as a "blot on the landscape."

There was also concerns from some nearby residents relating to concerns over passengers regularly crowding onto the platform after rugby games in nearby Twickenham.

However some neighbours, who now live behind the mesh fence, say they’re thrilled the wooden version was removed. Dr Frank Palmer, 78, told how he was “very angry about the whole thing from the beginning”.

A South Western Railway spokesperson told GB News: "Last year Network Rail installed a fence on the platforms of Strawberry Hill station to provide additional privacy to neighbouring residents following instances of anti-social behaviour on the platforms.

"Given concerns about vandalism and costs of ongoing maintenance of the fence, a review was recently undertaken by South Western Railway and Network Rail and it was agreed that the fence would be removed and the original chain link fence reinstated.

"This has been completed and Network Rail are intending to install vegetation in early May to provide additional privacy and will continue to keep stakeholders and local residents updated.
We are sorry for any disruption or impact this may have in the meantime"

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