Furious Holly Valance slams trans lobby - 'Boys don't need to put on a dress to be interesting!'

Furious Holly Valance slams trans lobby - 'Boys don't need to put on a dress to be interesting!'

WATCH NOW: Holly Valance criticises transgender lobby

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 17/03/2024

- 10:16

The pop star told GB News that sexuality and children 'shouldn't be in the same sentence'

Holly Valance has claimed that men "don't need to put on a dress to be interesting" as she hits out at "woke" teachings in schools.

Speaking on GB News’ Chopper’s Political Podcast, the model and pop star hit out at the "woke elite" and claimed woke has gone "really big" in her homeland of Australia.

When asked for examples of the woke takeover in Australia, Valance criticised the latest curriculum in schools and their push for "sexuality in children" and "climate-ism".

Valance told Christopher: "I don't think sexuality and children should even be in the same sentence."

Holly Valance

Holly Valance hit out at "woke" teachings in schools and how it is affecting children

GB News

The former Neighbours star claimed that sexuality in both children and adults is "nobody's business", telling Christopher "you don't know about mine, I don't know about yours. Why would we?"

Valance added that the issue really "icks" her and criticised the issue being taught in schools both in Australia and the UK.

Giving another example, Valance highlighted the push for climate change in schools and claimed they are making campaigner Greta Thunberg a "high priestess" and "goddess of climate change" for children of today to aspire to.

Branding Thunberg as a "demonic little gremlin", Valance hit out at schools for glorifying her work and claimed it is causing children to come home from school with "depression and anxiety".

Christopher Hope

Christopher Hope

GB News

Valance fumed: "Why would you go to your music lesson or bother doing your homework, or get out of bed if you think we're all going to be dead in five years anyway?"


Valance told GB News: "They will said Greta told me in class. Why would you bother? It doesn't give anybody hope."

In contrast, the pop star claimed the Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristan, are being "demonised" in schools for their views on gender roles.

Valance explained: "They're mentioned a lot, which I find really fascinating, everywhere and in America, as being these terrible people for telling guys to get up and go to the gym, eat well, work hard, look after your family, look after your lady. It's a traditional thing.

"They're literally stopping guys from topping themselves. I read all the comments - men say 'in my last hours, this video literally stopped me from from killing myself', and suicide is the number one cause of death for adult males under 50 in this country."

Holly Valance

Holly Valance says men 'shouldn't have to put a dress on to be interesting'

GB News

She asked Christopher: "That's a pretty big thing, don't you think? Why do we glorify Greta, who's giving children no hope?"

Christopher agreed with her views on male suicide, and asked Valance if young boys and men need "better male role models".

Valance responded: "I think boys should stop being told not to be boys. I love men, men are my friends.

"A lot of my best, best friends are male. And I don't think they all need to put on a dress these days to be interesting."

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