‘They are NOT sharing!’ Professor blasts China as country ‘not forthcoming’ with Covid facts

‘They are NOT sharing!’ Professor blasts China as country ‘not forthcoming’ with Covid facts

Peter Pitts joins Jacob Rees-Mogg on GB News

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 18/01/2024

- 08:21

Peter Pitts joined Jacob Rees-Mogg to assess the controversial theory

China is under fire for not being “forthcoming” with details on how Covid-19 first emerged.

Peter Pitts from the Centre for Medicine in the Public Interest joined Jacob Rees-Mogg to assess the controversial theory that the pandemic might have leaked from a Chinese laboratory.

While the suggestion was once dismissed by many as a conspiracy theory, the claim resurfaced when FBI Director Christopher Wray said the bureau believes the virus “most likely” originated in a “Chinese government-controlled lab”.

Beijing have long disputed the suggestion, accusing Washington of “political manipulation” in response to Wray’s comments.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Peter Pitts

Peter Pitts joined Jacob Rees-Mogg on GB News America


The question arose once more this month when former White House adviser Dr Anthony Fauci faced a grilling in a Congressional hearing.

Speaking on GB News, Pitts criticised China for not being “forthcoming” with any details that could assist the investigation.

President Biden and Xi Jinping

China has accused America of political manipulation


“What we’ve learned from Covid is that the Chinese aren’t very forthcoming when it comes to information on the ground”, he said.

“Whether it’s where the virus came from, lab security being upgraded, the severity of Covid, data relative to the Sinovax Covid vaccine, the Chinese are not sharing.

“I think that what is getting in the way of this investigation is a true partnership between scientists in the US and China.

“This is largely driven by a lack of transparency by the Chinese government.”

The Wuhan lab-leak theory is a suspicion that the coronavirus may have escaped, accidentally or otherwise, from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The controversial theory emerged in the early stages of the pandemic, and was promoted by then-US President Donald Trump.

China has hit back at suggestions the virus may have escaped from a laboratory, branding them a smear.

State media have consistently accused the US government and the Western media of spreading rumours about the pandemic’s source.

In a response to Wray’s remarks, China’s foreign military spokesperson accused US intelligence agencies of politicising the investigation into the origins of the virus.

Scientists believe finding where the virus originated could be crucial in preventing another pandemic, given the massive human toll recorded.

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