‘Outrageous!’ Bev Turner blasts woke hospital for telling staff to avoid words such as ‘guys’

Bev Turner and Great Ormond Street Hospital

Bev Turner has blasted Great Ormond Street's new guidance

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 07/09/2023

- 17:14

Staff are being urged to use gender neutral terms

Bev Turner has blasted bosses at the world-renowned Great Ormond Street for their “outrageous” decision to discourage doctors from using gendered language.

Guidance called ‘Using Pronouns at POSH’, published on the hospital’s official intranet site reportedly urges against using terms such as “boys”, “girls”, “ladies”, “gents” and “dudes”.

Instead, staff are told to use more gender-neutral terms such as “team”, “all”, or “everyone” when speaking to colleagues.

The Telegraph reports that doctors are being warned against deliberately misgendering a colleague, saying it could be considered “harassment”.


The woke move has come under fire from GB News presenter Bev Turner, who says the promoted language is “utterly repellant”.

“In a children’s hospital? It’s outrageous”, she said on GB News.


“My issue with it is, the trans debate, not solely, but it’s about sexuality.

“The idea of putting this notion of sexuality into a children’s hospital I find utterly repellant”.

Turner’s co-host, Andrew Pierce, concurred with the sentiment and bemoaned the discourse around gender that has now spread to children’s hospitals.

“It’s the world’s most famous children’s hospital and this madness is now infecting everywhere”, he said.

Health and Social Care Secretary Steve BarclayHealth and Social Care Secretary Steve BarclayPA

The guidance was written by members of the hospital’s LGBTQ+ community, and is reportedly not part of the hospital’s official policy, although employees are called upon to read the document.

It comes just months after Health Secretary Steve Barclay ordered an investigation into new guidelines that called on NHS staff to treat all patients as gender-neutral.

An NHS watchdog called on staff to say “pregnant people” in a drive to use gender-neutral language.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), a taxpayer body which provides national guidance across the NHS, rolled out a style guide which says non-gendered language can be used when not talking about biological sex.

The internal guide said: “You can usually use gender-neutral language if the population is broad.

“This means using ‘people’, ‘they’, and ‘them’ instead of ‘women’, ‘men’, and ‘his’ or ‘her’.

“For example, ‘warn people having treatment for prostate cancer of the likely effects of the treatment on their urinary function’.”

A spokesman for the hospital said: “We want all of our staff at GOSH to feel welcome and included at work in an environment that respects them for who they are, as well as the job they do.

“Anyone discriminating against another individual on the basis of race, gender, sexuality or any other protected characteristic will be addressed via our official Dignity at Work policy.”

It is not the first time staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital have been embroiled in gender disputes, having been provided with guides last month which claimed there were 150 ways to express gender.

Staff were handed the guides by Global Butterflies, a trans campaign group, called in by the hospital to speak to workers.

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