Asda, John Lewis and Costco shoppers urged to watch out as thousands targeted by convincing scam

Asda, John Lewis and Costco Wholesale logos and person looks worried at phone

Fraudsters have purported to be from Asda, John Lewis and Costco Wholesale

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 05/02/2024

- 15:31

Updated: 05/02/2024

- 17:54

Fraudsters are purporting to be well-known retail brands to try to harvest personal information

Scammers are claiming to offer free Tupperware in an attempt to steal personal and financial information.

To try to dupe victims, the fraudsters pretend they are from popular brands, such as Asda, John Lewis and Costco Wholesale.

Action Fraud says they’ve received 4,954 reports in just two weeks relating to these kinds of scam emails.

The messages claim people could get free Tupperware sets if they complete a survey.

Action Fraud Tupperware scam warning on social media

Action Fraud posted an alert about the Tupperware scam email on social media


However, the links in the email lead to malicious websites which are designed to steal personal and financial information.

One of the scam emails includes the John Lewis and Partners logo, although it’s nothing to do with the department store.

The scam message claims: “You’ve been chosen! We’d like to offer you a unique chance to receive a Tupperware 36-piece set.”

In an alert posted on social media, Action Fraud said: “Watch out for these fake emails claiming you’ve won a ’36-piece Tupperware set’.

"The emails lead to websites designed to steal your personal information.”

People can report a suspicious email by forwarding it to

Action Fraud said members of the public reporting these messages have led to the removal of 295,300 malicious websites, as of December last year.

If a person has doubts about a message, they’re advised to contact the organisation directly, using contact details from a reputable source.

“Don’t use the numbers or address in the message – use the details from their official website,” Action Fraud said.

“Your bank (or any other official source) will never ask you to supply personal information via email.”

A John Lewis spokesperson said: "We're working really hard to protect our customers from fraudulent activity, and have made Action Fraud aware of scams regarding Tupperware.

"We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable when they’re shopping with us online, and have recently shared advice on how to spot scam websites and phishing emails claiming to be from John Lewis, which includes carefully checking email addresses and website URLs.”

GB News has contacted Asda and Costco asking for comment.

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