Reform is main challenger to Labour in key seat - as Tice calls for Tories to WITHDRAW

New research in Hartlepool has Richard Tice's Reform UK polling in second place, with Labour leading.

New research in Hartlepool has Richard Tice's Reform UK polling in second place, with Labour leading.

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 17/01/2024

- 13:54

The Reform Leader calls for Conservatives to stand aside in Hartlepool where Rishi Sunak's party are polling in third place

A new mega poll has led to Reform UK Party Leader Richard Tice calling for the Conservatives to stand down.

The YouGov MRP poll of 14,000 people has shown that overall, the Tories face a nationwide wipeout.

If the new poll results played out at the General Election, Labour would win 385 seats and a large 120-seat majority in Parliament.

The Tories would be reduced down to 169 MPs, a reduction of 196 seats compared to 2019.

The research data also allows for analysis to be done on a constituency by constituency breakdown, as revealed on The Telegraph website.

When it comes to the constituency of Hartlepool, the research shows Labour retaining the seat with 41% of the vote.

However in second place are Reform UK. This is the seat that Reform Leader Richard Tice stood in in 2019 and has announced he intends to stand in at the next General Election as well.

The polling shows the Conservatives in third currently, with Reform polling ahead at around 20% in Hartlepool.

Responding to this new research, Richard Tice has told GB News: “This computer poll shows the huge strides we are making and that only Reform UK has the momentum to beat Labour in Hartlepool.

"Having failed Hartlepool and Brexit, the Tories should do the right thing and stand aside.

"Our team is working hard to give a national voice for Hartlepool.

"Only I have the experience drive and track record to attract jobs and money into Hartlepool."

Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson recently warned of the challenge posed by Reform, telling GB News: “I think UKIP were actually winning by-elections. Reform aren’t winning by-elections, they’re even struggling to scrape their deposit.

“Reform are a threat. They’re a bigger threat to country than the Labour Party I think.

“If Reform do pick off a lot of us Conservative MPs, we’re going to end up with a Labour government, that’s the last thing I want.

“Nigel runs the risk of losing a lot of Tory seats to put some Remoaners back in power, that’s a backdoor entrance back into the EU.”

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