Sadiq Khan's hated Ulez expansion costing drivers £730,000 a day with thousands charged

Sadiq Khan and a Ulez sign

Sadiq Khan said the Ulez sign had already made a 'huge difference'

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 31/10/2023

- 09:56

The number of vehicles in the expanded area that comply with the Ulez standards has grown

Around 60,000 vehicles in London have been hammered by the daily £12.50 charge following the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in August.

A new report from Transport for London has found that 93,700 vehicles failed to meet minimum emissions standards on an average day in between the end of August and end of September.

Around 36 per cent of these were exempt, with the remaining 57,000 facing the daily charge.

The data found that this represented three per cent of the total number of vehicles recorded as being driven in London each day.

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Transport for London receives an estimated £730,000 a day in fees from Ulez charges and fines – or around £21million a month, PA reported.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said the expansion had already made a “huge difference” in reducing the number of the most polluting vehicles in the capital.

The number of vehicles in the expanded area that comply with the Ulez standards has grown from 85 per cent in May 2022 to 95 per cent in September.

Petrol drivers must have a car that is Euro 4, which is generally those that have been registered after 2005.

Most diesel vehicles registered after September 2015 are exempt from the charge, with the vehicles achieving Euro 6 status.

Sadiq Khan added: “I’ve always said that the decision to expand the Ulez was very difficult, but a month on from the expansion we can already see that it is working.

“London is now home to the world’s largest clean air zone and this new data shows 95 per cent of vehicles seen driving in London on an average day now comply with our air quality standards – a 10 percentage point increase since I began to consult on the Ulez expansion in May 2022.

“This will make a huge difference to the lives and health of Londoners.”

Drivers who do not meet the Ulez emissions standards must pay a £12.50 daily charge. Failure to pay this could lead to a £180 fine, although this is reduced to £90 if paid within two weeks.

TfL said it initially sent warning letters to vehicle owners for non-payment but issued almost 13,500 fixed penalty notices between September 26 and September 30.

Transport for London has experienced issues with furious drivers taking action against Ulez cameras and signs in protest to the expansion.

The Metropolitan Police recorded 795 crimes relating to Ulez cameras between April and September with a number of people being arrested.

Rod Dennis, spokesperson for the RAC, said: “It’s clear from just a month’s data that the expanded Ulez is bringing air quality benefits.

“But we note there were around 48,000 fewer vehicles entering the zone in September compared to June, so we have to hope these are people who have chosen to get around by other means rather than being unable to travel at all because they are stuck with a non-compliant vehicle.”


Ulez sign

The Ulez was expanded on August 29 this year


TfL claimed it was “too early to draw firm conclusions” in response to a reduction in the usage of vehicles in the capital.

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