Britain's weight loss success stories: 'I dropped from a size L to S at 57 with the help of three carbohydrates'

Victoria acosta after shot

Victoria shed 2.5 st

Victoria Acosta
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Published: 15/05/2024

- 14:51

Updated: 16/05/2024

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GB News is lifting the lid on Britain's most inspiring weight loss transformations and the exercise regimes that enabled them. A Londoner has shared the details of a journey that would astonish even the most zealous fitness enthusiasts

The science of metabolism has a hold on British scientists, and their research confirms that losing weight is a multi-faceted and relatively complex affair.

Crash dieting trends are the ones to avoid for long-term results - yet conflicting messages about the best methods available can confuse slimmers.

This was the case for Victoria Acosta, 57, who decided to turn her life around after receiving news that she was becoming a grandmother.

Having avoided carbohydrates her whole life, the Argentinian native was surprised when her trainer asked to up her carb intake. She soon discovered, however, that carbs like quinoa and sweet potato can be excellent weight loss aids, helping her drop from a size L to an S in a matter of months.

victoria acosta before and after

Victoria Acosta dropped from a size L to a size S

Victoria Acosta

Her journey was not simply about shedding pounds but became a testament to resilience, fueled by a desire to be the best grandmother possible for her granddaughter.

"I wanted to be in physical condition and have energy to be able to run with her, to have the strength to pick her up and play," Victoria said, referring to her granddaughter.

Tired of feeling sluggish and frustrated by failed attempts to improve her health, Victoria began her fitness transformation with Ultimate Performance.

"I lost around 2.5 stone... My size was L, today it is S," said Victoria.

Her path to success wasn't without challenges, however. Years of battling fatigue, excess weight and failed attempts at traditional gyms had left her feeling defeated. But this time was different.

"My advice to someone who wants to improve their physical condition is to start in a gym where they can guide you in a personalised way," Victoria advised reflecting on her journey.

Her regimen, consisting of a balanced diet and targeted exercise, has led to a remarkable transformation both physically and mentally.

"I have more confidence, more energy, more strength, more resistance," she said.

Victoria's exercise routine and diet

Exercise and fitness go hand in hand during weight loss - and Victoria's experience confirms that one rarely works without the other.

"I think that because exercise made me feel better and stronger, it gave me more motivation to take care of what I eat and to lose weight," she said.

"I stopped eating sugar and flour and began to focus on macros, like proteins, carbs and fat.

"I noticed the foods helped me lose fat and increased my lean muscle mass."


\u200bVictoria Acosta before pic

Victoria believes health and vitality are possible at every age

Victoria Acosta

"I was very afraid of carbohydrates. I always avoided carbs and would tell myself carbs are monsters. My trainer encouraged me to put more carbs in my diet.

"I would always avoid bread, but then I began eating brown bread. I also brought brown rice into my diet, and then sweet potato. Quinoa is another food I enjoy."

Ana Reisdorf, registered dietitian and founder of The Food Trends explained that complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, legumes and vegetables, support weight loss by providing sustained energy and increasing satiety.

"They digest slower than simple carbohydrates, helping to maintain stable blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, this can help prevent overeating and help support a healthy weight," the expert explained.

To target excess fat around the body's midsection, the expert recommends opting for carbohydrates with higher fibre content.

"This includes foods like oats, quinoa, and barley, and all non-starchy vegetables.

"These types of carbohydrates help manage insulin levels and reduce belly fat by keeping hunger in check."

It's imperative to eat complex carbohydrates, as processed carbs cause quick spikes in blood sugar and insulin, leading to increased fat storage and hunger.

Jabe Brown, founder of Melbourne Functional Medicine, explained: "Refined carbohydrates and sugar foods are digested faster and can cause rapid spikes and drops in blood sugar levels, which can lead to increased hunger in some people.

"Additionally, they often contain a suboptimal nutritional profile, making it challenging to maintain a caloric deficit just on simple carbs."

Victoria's results

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Victoria's journey was the ripple effect it has on those around her.

"My family cannot believe my changes and my perseverance. My friends are surprised, and now several of my friends walk no less than 10,000 steps and others started weight training."

Victoria's story serves as a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with difficulties in their own fitness journey, regardless of age.

"It's a reminder that with perseverance, focus and the right support system, even the seemingly impossible becomes attainable," noted Victoria.

As the 57-year-old sets her sights on new fitness goals, she wants others to know that health and vitality are possible at any age.

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