BBC MasterChef fans taken aback as voiceover star appears on-screen in anniversary special: 'Odd to see her!'

BBC MasterChef fans taken aback as voiceover star appears on-screen in anniversary special: 'Odd to see her!'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 15/05/2024

- 09:52

Narrator India Fisher was featured on-screen for the first time on Tuesday

MasterChef fans were left stunned to learn the identity of the iconic narrator behind the long-running BBC show.

India Fisher made an appearance on Tuesday's show in front of the cameras for the 20th anniversary of the cooking programme as it was celebrated with a special banquet.

The episode featured a host of MasterChef VIPs, including past winners and Michelin star chefs.

"I vowed I wouldn’t do this, but I’ll read the menu out loud," narrator Fisher joked before stating the upcoming dishes in her signature tone.

"Sounds delicious!" she went on to add and fans didn't waste any time in expressing their delight about finally putting a face to the well-known voice.

"Watching #Masterchef hits different now I know I’m finally meeting India Fisher," one fan wrote on X.

Gregg Wallace and John Torode

MasterChef celebrated its 20th anniversary


"The voice of #MasterChef has a face!!! #MasterChefUK," another commented.

A third viewer penned: "Watching #Masterchef and the biggest shock of the night is India Fisher not looking like I expected."

"Glad the #Masterchef voiceover got invited to the semi-final 20th anniversary meal. Odd to see her face. Had to rewind when I heard her reading the menu and was like hold on a minute I know that voice," another admitted.

"India's voice over vs real life is like me on the phone where it’s like Mary Poppins vs Danny Dyer #MasterChef #MasterChefUK," someone else quipped.

India Fisher

Fisher was revealed as the voice behind MasterChef


"Oh Wow!!! Putting a face to the voice #Masterchef," another exclaimed. (sic)

Thankfully, the contestants were able to pull off the important banquet smoothly, with guests giving the hopeful chefs a standing ovation.

Judge Gregg Wallace stated the day had been "one of the best events that I can remember".

He continued: "And the ambition of the food from eight amateurs is just extraordinary."

India Fisher

MasterChef fans were stunned to see Fisher in front of the camera


Co-host John Torode agreed, labelling the eight finalists as "absolutely magical".

Sadly, two more contestants now face being eliminated, with either Tom or Cliodhna leaving the show in the next semi-final episode.

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