BBC outrage as viewers slam 'awful' and 'boring' Antiques Roadshow revamp: 'Longing for the old format!'

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce presenter the latest episode of Antiques Roadshow from Swanage

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 04/09/2023

- 15:49

The 46th series of Antiques Roadshow premiered on the channel on Sunday evening

Fiona Bruce and her team of antiques experts headed to Swanage in Dorset for the first episode of the new series of Antiques Roadshow.

The long-running staple on the channel once more offered the chance for members of the public to have their hidden treasures valued in the hopes of bagging some serious cash.

Among the valuables on show were items such as an Omega watch, a teapot, Star Wars memorabilia and drag queen costumes.

The episode also included a number of historical segments in which Bruce and her team explored the history of Swanage.

However, in what's been deemed as an "awful" change to the format of the show by disgruntled viewers, much more airtime was given to Bruce and her pieces to camera.

Bruce even had a fair few minutes of airtime to herself midway through the episode in which she took on the task of trying to value some rare vases.

Fiona Bruce in Swanage

Fiona Bruce smiles as she stops for snaps in Swanage


The attempts to freshen up the show's format and divert away from a formula known so well to fans over the years have not sat well with a number of viewers who watched at home.

Taking to Twitter, several blasted the new-look show, with many yearning for it to revert back to the previous series.

One viewer fumed: "Never dreamt I'd feel old watching #antiquesroadshow but sadly I do. Far too much chat and Fiona Bruce. Longing for old format."

While a second agreed: "Hi @BBC_ARoadshow a bit of viewer feedback (and I'm not alone, judging by Twitter): too many non-antiques; too much padding; too much frippery; and too much Fiona. #antiquesroadshow."

Elsewhere, another didn't hold back: "100%. This is awful. As a life-long viewer it's so sad to see. I really hope it's just for that Dorset episode."

And this was echoed by a fourth who vented: "New Look #antiquesroadshow it’s just awful … just value some flipping antiques."

A fifth disgruntled viewer weighed into the online discussion: "This new style antiques road show, I'm bored at home, imagine being there. #antiquesroadshow."

While a sixth took aim at Bruce's involvement directly as they remarked: "When are they going to go the whole hog and rename it 'Fiona Bruce’s Antiques Roadshow'?"

Will Farmer

Antiques Roadshow expert Will Farmer was on hand to offer his expertise


The series continues Sunday evenings so fans will have to wait and see if a similar format is adopted throughout the rest of the current run.

As well as Swanage, Bruce and the experts will head to Crystal Palace Park in London, Ebrington Square in Derry-Londonderry, Roundhay Park in Leeds, Pollok House and Pollok Country Park in Glasgow, and Cathays Park in Cardiff.

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