Dyson's unrecognisable new hair dryer costs £375, but you probably can't buy one

dyson supersonic r hair dryer pictured on a work surface charging

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 15/05/2024

- 17:11

The "lightest, smallest, and most precise styling tool" from Dyson is designed specifically for professional stylists

  • Dyson has released its new Supersonic R hair dryer in the UK
  • The dramatic redesign was first unveiled backstage at New York Fashion Week in February
  • Supersonic R has shed half the weight of the original model
  • It automatically adjusts motor and heat settings when you snap-on an attachment
  • Dyson has improved filter to remove pollutants from air that blows onto your head
  • Only professional stylists registered with Dyson can purchase the Supersonic R

Dyson's dramatically re-styled Supersonic R hair dryer — first unveiled backstage at New York Fashion Week back in February, before being used to create a number of red carpet looks at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks too — is now available to buy in the UK.

But unfortunately, you're unlikely to be able to add one to your shopping basket.

That's because the redesigned Supersonic R hair dryer, which costs £374.99, is only available to buy from the Dyson online store if you're registered as a professional stylist. If you're unable to buy the Supersonic R, Dyson recently refreshed its standard Supersonic dryer with some of the same features, including automatic motor and heat adjustments. Known as the Supersonic Nural, this model is available for everyone.

dyson supersonic r hair dryer pictured being used by a professional hair dresser

Dyson has redesigned almost every element of the new Supersonic R hair dryer, includes the tube-like design, cylindrical heating elements, and filter to remove pollutants from the air


Known as “Supersonic R”, the latest professional hair dryer has a periscope-like design that’s not only much smaller than its predecessor, but also roughly half the weight too. To enable this unique design, Dyson has re-engineered the heating element, which allowed the team to replace the bulky head seen on the original with an uninterrupted cylinder.

It marks the first time that Dyson has used a curved heater inside on its products.

The heating grills inside the cylindrical shape of the hair dryer consist of 28 individual 99.9% copper microfins. Dyson says the high-pressure air that flows through the design is heated more evenly ― avoiding any hot spots that could otherwise cause heat damage to your hair.

a split image of a hair dryer with a traditional design and the new dyson supersonic r and how they produce heat differently

Dyson shows the difference between its cylindrical design and a conventional hair dryer when it comes to producing uniform heat


The lighter design and all-new heating elements should solve the biggest complaints Dyson heard within the stylist community – achy arms, dull hair, and extreme heat damage. The brand, which was started by British engineer Sir James Dyson, has surveyed and interviewed 696 stylists since 2017.

As well as the new appearance, the biggest change to the Dyson Supersonic r is the use of RFID technology in the attachments. RFID is the same system used in keycards or fobs to buzz into a secure building ― so don’t worry, there’s no need to charge the new attachments.

Supersonic r arrives with a diffuser, flyaway attachment, wide tooth comb, pro concentrator, and a new powerful air attachment, which all snap onto the hair dryer with magnets.

Once the hair dryer has recognised the attachment, it will automatically adjust its motor and heat settings to the ideal airflow and temperature. For example, when snapping on the diffuser, the Dyson Supersonic r will set itself to a lower flow and temperature in an effort to reduce frizz.

Each attachment can save your own customised settings for future use, so you’ll be able to save your ideal temperature and airflow for each attachment ― making it truly yours. This same system makes an appearance in the Supersonic Nural hair dryer too.

dyson supersonic r is pictured with a range of different attachments lying around it

Dyson has redesigned a number of its attachments for the new-look Supersonic r


Dyson has fitted the latest hair dryer model with an improved filter, which captures the air pollutants typically present in hair salons.

Speaking about the new product, Senior Design and Development Manager for Dyson Beauty, Gavin Galligan said: “The Dyson Supersonic r professional hair dryer builds on the technology and knowledge we have developed, offering fast drying and styling benefits for all hair types with no heat damage. Our new streamlined heater technology developed for this machine is a world-first, combined with our high-speed motors enable the lightweight form factor, and fast precise airflow.”

dyson supersonic r pictured by mirror in a hair salon

Dyson's new Supersonic r is pictured in a stand on a workstation of a professional hair dresser



Dyson has no plans to sell its redesigned Supersonic r to the general public though. This is a product aimed at professionals ...and for now, those are the only people able to buy one. It costs £374.99 in the UK and is available through the Dyson website.

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