‘William is suspicious - he doesn’t trust Harry!’ King Charles hopes to ‘reconcile’ sons next month

‘William is suspicious - he doesn’t trust Harry!’ King Charles hopes to ‘reconcile’ sons next month

King's PLOT to reconcile warring sons Harry and William THIS MONTH

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 11/04/2024

- 20:23

King Charles is reportedly looking to repair the relationship between Prince Harry and his older brother, Prince William

A royal commentator has said that "William doesn't trust" his brother Harry as reportedly King Charles is looking to repair the relationship between the siblings.

Speaking to GB News, Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said: "It is a very important anniversary because service of Thanksgiving is being held, to celebrate 10 years of the Invictus Games and this of course was a remarkable thing that Harry founded.

"One of the problems is that it will be overshadowed by whether Meghan will be there, I would think not. And then again as to whether or not he will see his father will King Charles play a role in peacemaking?"

"The rift is very deep, as we all know the Sussexes for four years have attacked the Royal Family and William is naturally suspicious because he doesn't trust Harry.

William and HarryPrince William and Prince Harry were close when they were young GETTY

"With very good reason because of the attacks. However, given the fact that King Charles is undergoing treatment for cancer and given the fact that Catherine is seriously ill, preventative chemotherapy is, I should think, desperately stressful for him.

"If you made that courageous video message to the nation, will they get together? I suspect the answer to this lies in private talks privately that we don't know about.

"So we know that William was in touch with Harry after the video message.

"The reports were the Sussexes didn't know of Catherine's condition before then."The facts are, however, that we simply don't know what's going to happen.

"But it is possible that since King Charles has never closed the door, since they're both his sons and since two senior members of the Royal Family are seriously ill, this presents an entirely new scenario. A new bridge."

The pair's relationship has been estranged since Harry moved overseas to the US with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020 and launched a series of attacks on the Royal Family in the form of interviews and his memoir Spare.

King Charles

King Charles reportedly wants them to make amends


There have recently been reports that the hatchet could be buried after The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly asked the Sussexes to bring their children with them the next time they visit the UK.

Archie and Lilibet did not visit the UK in 2023 despite their father Harry making several trips back.

Meghan and the children also did not accompany Prince Harry to the UK when he visited his father in February 2024.

Meghan and Harry were expected to bring their children to the UK in September 2022, but they decided not to come due to safety concerns.

Harry and Meghan’s team reportedly wrote "to say that the proposed security arrangements for the September visit were not lawful".

There have been tensions between Prince Harry and his brother since Harry released his memoir Spare, in which he criticised William.

In the book, the Duke of Sussex said that he and William had an argument and William allegedly called his wife Meghan "rude", "difficult" and "abrasive".

In light of Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sent a heartfelt message wishing her "health and healing".

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