Princess Charlotte painting catches Queen Camilla's eye during royal engagement

Princess Charlotte painting catches Queen Camilla's eye during royal engagement

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 14/02/2024

- 17:54

Camilla toured an art studio in west London today as the King travelled back to Sandringham

Princess Charlotte’s painting caught Queen Camilla’s eye today during a royal engagement.

The Queen stepped out this Valentine’s Day to visit Kindred Studios’ Shepherds Bush pop-up hub where she admired arts and crafts.

During the tour, Camilla stopped to admire a painting of Princess Charlotte, commenting that it was “lovely.”

Mercedes Carbonell, a Spanish-born artist, painted it from an official photograph taken by Princess Kate in 2017 on her daughter’s second birthday.

Queen Camilla and Princess Charlotte

Queen Camilla admired a painting of Princess Charlotte today


The artist commented: “The Queen liked it very much. I think Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth in the photograph which urged me to make a painting.”

The artwork shows Princess Charlotte in a white, buttoned cardigan and blue-collar contrasted by a bright, pink background.

The Queen, 76, toured the studios on recommendation from her daughter, Laura Lopes.

Camilla told one artist: “It was Laura who told me about this, she said it was fantastic- ‘You’ve got to have a look’.”

Queen Camilla

The painting was inspired by a photo taken by Princess Kate for Charlotte's second birthday


At the art studio in west London, Camilla spoke to painters, sculptors and modern artists.

Amongst them was costume designer, Syban Velardi-Laufer, who greeted the Queen in a full costume including long, red nails and a glittering headpiece that covered most of her face.

The visit comes after the King returned to Sandringham after a 24-hour stay in London for cancer treatment.

The Queen is expected to remain in London as she is hosting a reception to mark the 100th anniversary of the Poppy Factory on Thursday.

Camilla and Syban Velardi-laufer

Camilla met Syban Velardi-laufer, a designer in full costume

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Camilla and Jon Rees

Camilla met with artist Jon Rees at Kindred Studios' Shepherds Bush pop-up hub


On the tour, Camilla admired a recreation of the famous Beatles Abbey Road album cover, but the band members were replaced with bird head figures.

The work was made by Cordelia Plunket, who uses taxidermy to recreate popular culture scenes.

The Queen exclaimed, “You’ve got Ringo here, and George,” as she marvelled at the work.

Camilla is keeping up her royal engagements despite her husband’s recent cancer diagnosis.

Yesterday, she was installed as Honorary Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers during a ceremony at Clarence House.

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