Prince Harry Christmas reconciliation bid blasted as 'highly inappropriate'

Prince Harry Christmas reconciliation bid blasted as 'highly inappropriate'

WATCH NOW: Prince Harry's reported wish to return to Royal Family is slammed by GB News presenter

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 19/12/2023

- 11:37

Updated: 19/12/2023

- 14:11

The Duke of Sussex has not had a British Christmas with his family since 2018

Prince Harry attending Christmas with the Royal Family would be "highly inappropriate", a royal commentator exclusively told GB News.

The Duke of Sussex was reported to want to patch relations up with his family for the festive season, however, Richard Fitzwilliams has rebuked those claims.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, he said: "He may send messages to his family, and we had these reports before Endgame. But I mean it would be highly inappropriate."

The royal author added: "If you look at the polls in America, you see the fact that just simply making money by trashing the Royal Family is not the way forward for them.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry attending Christmas with Royal Family would be 'highly inappropriate'


"Harry was exceptionally critical of the Royal Family in a variety of television interviews promoting Spare, not to mention the book itself, where he was seen as so bitter.

"The point with this is that the Sussexes are completely unpredictable. They're also untrustworthy.

"This is not a background on which you could have a relaxed Christmas. You can't trust the Sussexes.

"As for Harry wanting to return to the UK and Meghan not, all of this of course is a rumour. So who is spinning what?

Princess Kate and Meghan MarklePrincess Kate and Meghan Markle on Christmas Day in 2018PA

"Again, you don't know what's true and what isn't, but the answer certainly is to keep them at arm's length."

Fitzwilliams is adamant that the duke and duchess will not make a return to the Sandringham Estate this year.

He claimed: "They won't come. So much of King Charles's reign has been overshadowed by the Sussexes - by Spare, by the court cases, by the so-called 'near catastrophic car chase', and by Endgame.

"I mean, it's become a circus, so they won't come."

Royal Family

Prince Harry 'won't come' to Sandringham for Christmas, commentator claims


Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry and William's relations have been strained through Spare and his Netflix documentary


The commentator gave his take on what messages the Royal Family will show together on Christmas Day.

Fitzwilliams continued: "The main thing will be on solidarity. The fact that only 15 months ago, the Queen was still with us.

"People will think back and also remember Prince Philip. The emphasis will be on family unity and solidarity.

"And the fact that they've obviously done the right thing in not commenting on recent furore."

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