‘Believe it when I see it!’ Charles Rae casts doubt on Meghan UK return as Duchess ‘pencilled in as TBC’

‘Believe it when I see it!’ Charles Rae casts doubt on Meghan UK return as Duchess ‘pencilled in as TBC’

Charles Rae on Meghan's UK return

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 03/04/2024

- 15:14

Updated: 03/04/2024

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Prince Harry is heading back to England in May for the 10-year anniversary of the Invictus Games

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Royal expert Charles Rae has cast doubt on rumours that Meghan Markle could return to the UK and believes "we would know by now" if she was.

Prince Harry is heading back to England in May for the 10-year anniversary of the Invictus Games.

While Harry has made various trips to his home country since stepping back from royal duties, the Duchess of Sussex has not been present on UK soil since 2022.

However, she has been tipped for a UK return with her husband to celebrate the anniversary of the annual sporting event.

Speaking about her potential return, Rae said: "I will believe it when I see it, until I see her step off that plane I do not believe that she will be here. I think too much has gone on, and I'm sure that if she does come she will get a very cuddly and warm welcome.

Charles Rae, Meghan Markle

Charles Rae said that he doesn't think she will return

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"You have just got to look at the last few years and see what the Sussexes have done with their continued criticisms of the Royal Family and the fact that we've heard before that she doesn't want to come back to this country.

"In actual fact, the organisers of the event on May 8th for the Invictus Games church service, they've only got her name pencilled in as a TBC (to be confirmed)."


Meghan Markle at the Invictus GamesMeghan Markle at the Invictus GamesPA

"You'd have thought if she was serious about coming here, we'd already know that she was. And if she does come here, is she going to bring the children?

"I mean, Harry is still up in up in the air about his security. He thinks that Britain is the most unsafe country in the world.

"He's clearly not not remembered what it's like in the United States. I'm sceptical that she's ever going to set foot in this country again."

Harry founded the Invictus Games - an international multi-sport event first held in 2014, for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, both serving and veterans - in 2014. The next Games is set to take place in Germany in July.

Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry could return next month


Meghan has always been a huge support to Harry and the Invictus Games, with the pair making their first-ever public appearance at the event in Canada in 2017.

According to royal sources in The Daily Express, Meghan is listed as a TBC guest in the programme for a church service being held to commemorate the occasion.

This would mark the duchess's first return to the UK since the State Funeral of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Richard Fitzwilliams told the Sun: "Meghan isn't obviously keen on visiting Britain because she is not popular here. Nor is Harry, but it's different for him. She's asked for this.

"If she comes, there will be a huge amount of adverse publicity because of the way she has acted for the past four years.

"On top of that you have the issue of Archie and Lilibet who are completely blameless."

Endgame author Omid Scobie previously claimed that Meghan "never really felt at home" in London, and as a result "never wants to step foot in England again".

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