King Charles 'feeling tired' after 'awkward' Prince Harry meeting, claims Jennie Bond

King Charles 'feeling tired' after 'awkward' Prince Harry meeting, claims Jennie Bond

WATCH NOW: Jennie Bond claims Prince Harry's whirlwind UK visit was 'awkward'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 07/02/2024

- 15:23

Updated: 07/02/2024

- 17:45

Prince Harry has arrived at Heathrow Airport as he prepares to return to the US this afternoon

Royal commentator Jennie Bond has claimed the King's meeting with Prince Harry has left him feeling "tired", as the Duke of Sussex is already preparing to leave the UK.

King Charles met with his estranged son Prince Harry on Tuesday following the announcement of his cancer diagnosis on Monday evening.

King Charles has been diagnosed with "a form of cancer" and is receiving treatment, Buckingham Palace confirmed.

The Duke of Sussex landed in the UK on Tuesday afternoon and was given a police escort to central London, where he was reunited with his father in Clarence House.

Jennie Bond and Prince Harry

Prince Harry has left the UK following a meeting with King Charles

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It has been claimed his meeting with King Charles lasted "a maximum of 45 minutes" and the Prince then stayed in a hotel.

A helicopter was also seen leaving Buckingham Palace a short time after Prince Harry met with the King, thought to be Charles and the Queen travelling to Sandringham Estate.

Prince Harry has since arrived at Heathrow Airport this afternoon, after spending less than 48 hours in the country.

The Duke did not see his brother Prince William or the Princess of Wales during his visit. It was claimed by royal insiders that Prince William "made no plans" to see Harry.

Speaking to GB News, Jennie Bond says the meeting would have been "quite awkward" for Prince Harry, in particular his reunion with Queen Camilla, who he had publicly criticised in his memoir, Spare.

Bond also suggested that the in-person meeting may spark a possible "reconciliation" between the King and his youngest son.

She said of Prince Harry's visit: "Charles was feeling quite tired, quite understandably, after his first round of whatever treatment he's having.

"We thought that meeting might have gone on a little longer. I hope it was friendly, but we do not know. It would have been quite an awkward meeting, really."

Jennie Bond

Jennie Bond says King Charles is 'feeling tired' after announcing his cancer diagnosis

GB News

Analysing the rocky relationship between Prince Harry and his brother William, Bond said the Prince of Wales is not planning to meet with Harry and the Duke of Sussex resorting to staying "in a hotel" speaks volumes of the distance between them.

She claimed: "William has shown today that he has disowned Harry, he doesn't want to know him, and he probably doesn't even like him anymore. Harry is just not part of his life.

"That rift is so deep now, and that has been shown by Harry being here and them not meeting, so deep that I really do wonder if it can ever, ever be mended."

Bond suggested: "Harry could have bunked down in Clarence House and had the house to himself, or travelled to Sandringham by car."

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