Princess Kate deliberately chose 'family's secret sanctuary' as place for recuperation

Princess Kate deliberately chose 'family's secret sanctuary' as place for recuperation

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 25/02/2024

- 07:00

The Princess of Wales underwent "successful" planned abdominal surgery last month

  • Princess Kate will likely experience "emotional and physical obstacles" during her recuperation
  • Prince William is caring for the Princess of Wales at Adelaide Cottage
  • Have your say and comment now: Are you excited to see Kate return to royal duties after Easter?

Princess Kate chose Adelaide Cottage as a "deliberate" place for recuperation, a health expert exclusively told GB News.

The Princess of Wales underwent planned abdominal surgery at the London Clinic last month, and is now resting at her four-bedroom cottage in Windsor.

According to Kensington Palace, Kate, 42, will not return to working duties until at least after Easter.

Sophie Cress, a licensed therapist and mental health expert, spoke exclusively to GB News to explain how the mother-of-three is handling her recovery journey at Adelaide Cottage.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate is recuperating at her home in Windsor


She said: "Any surgery, no matter what kind, will inevitably present both emotional and physical obstacles. Given Kate's prominence within the Royal Family, these problems are certainly more pressing in her instance.

"Her position's demands, scrutiny and public attention might have a substantial negative effect on her psychological health while she recovers.

"From a psychological perspective, it's critical to acknowledge that surgery is a major source of physical and emotional stress.

"When the body is traumatised, people frequently feel a variety of emotions, such as vulnerability, anxiety, and even a lack of control.

Kate, William and their childrenKate is now at home in Adelaide Cottage with Prince William and their childrenPA

"It can be especially difficult for someone like Kate, who is frequently in the spotlight, to control these feelings while remaining composed."

According to the health expert, the Princess of Wales is handling her "recuperation process with tenacity".

Cress added: "She may have made a deliberate attempt to establish a healing-promoting atmosphere by coming back to Adelaide Cottage, her family's secret sanctuary.

"Assuring mental stability and a sense of security, having family and comfortable surroundings around can be quite beneficial during the healing process."

Princess Kate

Kate is not expected to return to royal duties until after Easter

Prince George, Kate, Prince Louis, Prince William and Princess Charlotte

Prince William is likely caring for Kate and their children at home


Carole, Michael, Pippa, and James Middleton all live in the Berkshire area, so will likely be on hand to help Kate during her convalescence.

Cress continued: "The stated interaction with family and friends suggests a constructive coping strategy.

"Keeping social ties strong and lines of communication open can be essential sources of support when things go tough.

"It is possible to reduce feelings of loneliness and promote a sense of understanding and belonging by confiding in trusted others about one's experiences, worries, and advancement."

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