Sadiq Khan's 'black culture' advisor sent vulgar tweets calling Tories 'murderers' and Starmer a 'scab'

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaking to the media before the Pride in London parade

The advisor has been “reminded of her responsibilities as a board member”

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 27/04/2023

- 11:53

Updated: 27/04/2023

- 17:48

Mayor of London has been forced to distance himself from own advisor after her inflammatory tweets emerged

Sadiq Khan is facing calls to remove his ‘Black culture’ advisor just two days after he appointed her, after attention was drawn to tweets that called the Conservative Government “murderers”, Boris Johnson “the grim reaper” and Keir Starmer a “scab”.

The London of London appointed Kemi Olivia Alemoru, the former culture editor of now-folded Gal-Dem magazine - an online and print publication for women and non-binary people of colour.

Responding to the revelations first reported in the Express, a spokesperson for the mayor informed GB News that his advisor had been “reminded of her responsibilities as a board member”.

On Monday, Alemoru was selected to be part of an eight person Community Advisor Group that the Mayor announced as a “talented group to develop annual celebration of Black culture in London.”

\u00a31 million in \u2018hush money\u2019 paid out since Sadiq Khan became mayor

A spokesperson said: “The Mayor does not agree with the views expressed in these tweets."

GB News

The position is unpaid but will be eligible for taxpayer-funded expenses.

In September 2022, Khan’s new advisor posted: “Boris Johnson is the grim reaper.

“How does he not get jumped everywhere he goes?”

‘Jumped’ is slang meaning to attack or assault someone unexpectedly.

In the form of a “legal disclaimer”, Alemoru added: “This is not me calling for him to get rushed but it’s more me asking why it’s not happened considering people have been slapped for less.”

In January 2021, Alemoru posted: “Boris Johnson and the Conservative government are murderers.

“They have stood by idly and let people's families die taking too much time to make decisions that could save lives, using money to make their friends rich rather than make our pandemic infrastructure robust or useful.”

Neil Garratt, Conservative member of the London Assembly, said: "It is quite wrong for Sadiq Khan to appoint someone with extreme and hateful views to a role meant to bring Londoners together”.

Keir Starmer giving a speech and Jeremy Corbyn inset

Alemoru called Sir Keir Starmer a "SCAB" and professed love for Corbyn


“I am especially disappointed that the Mayor stands by her remarks on attacking the former Prime Minister.

“In Britain we do not tolerate a nod and a wink to political street violence.

“She is clearly inappropriate for the job and I would urge Sadiq Khan to reconsider this appointment."

A vocal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, who is rumoured to be pondering throwing his hat in the ring for the London mayor role, Alemoru once tweeted at 1am in November 2019: “I love Corbyn so much”, followed by a post in April 2020 that read: “CORBYN CAN NEVER GO HE LIVES IN MA HEART”.

On Starmer, Alemoru said: “No one can tell me that @Keir Starmer is not a Tory plant. He's too s*** to be trying! He's not trying to be anything to anyone for any reason. I wish he broke the law with that curry.”

She later referred to Starmer as a “SCAB” for sacking Labour MP Sam Tarry from the Shadow Cabinet for joining a strike picket line.

Corbyn allies have recently blasted 'divisive and brutal' Keir Starmer for giving Corbyn the boot.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London informed GB News: “The Mayor does not agree with the views expressed in these tweets.

“The tweets have been deleted, and the individual has been reminded of her responsibilities as a board member.”

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