​​Should we impose an absolute cap on UK immigration​, asks Patrick Christys

​​Should we impose an absolute cap on UK immigration​, asks Patrick Christys
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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 15/12/2023

- 11:26

Patrick Christys shares his thoughts on soaring student immigration

Is it time to put a hard fixed cap on immigration? Today it emerged that one in four students from India and Bangladesh apparently drop out of their university course.

So come over here, bring in dependents, and just drop out and crack on with your life.

Up in Scotland, they've gone full Tonto. On immigration, Scottish National Party politician Kirsty Blackman says that she wants limitless people every year.

Is it any wonder that Humza Yousaf wants to create a new tax band for higher earners?

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys asks if we should impose an 'absolute cap' on immigration

GB News

He's reportedly thinking of making anyone on more than around £75k put their hand in their pocket to fill a one and a half billion pound black hole in his budget.

I wonder why there's such a huge hole there, Mr. Yousaf. But presumably they could just tax all the Gazan refugees he wants to bring in or the XL Bully owners.

Sadiq Khan in London has said that plans to cut immigration would cause a massive recruitment crisis.

Clearly, what he needs to do is hang around outside universities and wait for all of those Indian and Bangladeshi students to drop out of their courses after a week and offer them a job at Pret A Manger.

There are plans at the moment to make foreign students hit certain grades, otherwise they won't be allowed to stay, which I think is a step in the right direction.

But James Cleverly has essentially said the government is now working at a net migration target of somewhere in the region of 400,000. Well, given the track record of those targets being wildly wrong, it'll probably come in at about two and a half million.

But there's a story that flew under the radar actually, and I think this will interest you. So Serco is a company that helps the government find and run migrant hotels in the UK, amongst other things, and it just expanded across Europe.

So pockets full of taxpayer's cash because of the migrant crisis.

Serco just spent £40 million buying an asylum seeker accommodation company in Germany. They see the German market as somewhere that's about to boom. No doubt that'll be heading our way soon now.

According to the FT, Serco is expecting acquisitions and strong demand for immigration and defence services to push revenue up 7% to £4.8 billion in the current financial year.

Underlying operating profits are projected to rise 3% to, hold on to your hats here, £245 million. Operating profits of that?

I mean it will be a relief to us won't it, that the migrant crisis has more than offset the loss that those poor people at Serco suffered during the COVID pandemic. It just doesn't seem to me like those in the know think that anything is really going to be done about immigration, legal or illegal.

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